Phantom on the Horizon
Introverting Dimensions Buy this album! I'm only uploading this for those of us who were'nt lucky enough to get the on...
The Answer: Does Not Exist EP It's the end of the world, and we know it!
one of alice cooper best songs.
By Sunset
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To the Edge of the Earth
Music video by Thirty Seconds To Mars performing Edge of the Earth. Pre VEVO play counts 451458. (P) (C) 2006 Virgin Records America, Inc.. All rights reser...
VersaEmerge's music video for 'Fixed At Zero' from the album, Fixed At Zero - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Visit for more! L...
Stevie Nicks Hearts
Stevie Nicks Hearts is the debut EP by The E.L.F., released on 16 February 2008.
Pokreni se
Pokreni se (English translation: Move Yourself) is an extended play (EP) by Bosnian rapper Frenkie. This is his first EP.
We Don't Have to Be Alone
We Don't Have to Be Alone is This Condition's second release, a five-song EP, recorded in August/September 2008. It was released on November 18, 2008 through online retailers and digital music stores...
We Don't Have to Be Alone - Wikipedia
Here Come the Young Men
"Here Come The Young Men" is an EP released on 16 January 2008 as a Japan-only release by British indie rock band The Courteeners.
Metrotronics is a 2008 EP from the South Korean group Clazziquai. Clazziquai teamed up with Pentavision for their Metro Project that soon packaged the minor release of DJ MAX series after DJ MAX Porta...
Metrotronics - Wikipedia
Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs?
Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? EP is an EP by Lancaster based band The Lovely Eggs. Released on October 20, 2008 throughout the UK, it was the band's first release on label Cherryade Records.
Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? - Wikipedia
No Light
No Light is the second extended play released by New Zealand band The Naked and Famous. It was released on 8 September 2008.
Stuff described No Light as "yet another confident statement of intent ...
No Light - Wikipedia
ITunes Live: London Festival '08 (Feeder EP)
iTunes Live: London Festival '08 was the third EP by the British rock/pop band Feeder. This 6-track EP was released on July 29, 2008 by digital download on iTunes. It was recorded on 19 July 2008 at...
ITunes Live: London Festival '08 (Feeder EP) - Wikipedia
One Day as a Lion (EP)
One Day as a Lion is the eponymous debut EP by One Day as a Lion, the musical duo consisting of Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha on vocals/keyboard and Jon Theodore, formerly of The ...
One Day as a Lion (EP) - Wikipedia
W.O.A.R./W.O.A. is a split 12" record released on Portland, Oregon label Holy Mountain.The a-side of the album features twelve short songs by Scottish art punk outfit The Country Teasers. Though the s...
W.O.A.R./W.O.A. - Wikipedia
Why Are We Not Perfect?
Why Are We Not Perfect? is the fifth EP release by the post-metal band Jesu. It was released on August 19, 2008 via Hydra Head Records.The EP contains Jesu's tracks from the band's split with the ambi...
Why Are We Not Perfect? - Wikipedia
Just No Better Way
Just No Better Way is the second EP released by pop punk band A Change of Pace. It is the first album to include the vocals of new singer, Micah Bentley. The music on this album is a contrast to the s...
Just No Better Way - Wikipedia
Mechanical Royalty (album)
Mechanical Royalty is a limited edition EP released by the Canadian musician Spookey Ruben in 2008. A full length LP was released with the help of Sonic Unyon in 2009. Though the track-listing differs...
Bo Fo Sho
Bo Fo Sho is the first EP released by American comedian Bo Burnham. The six-track comedy EP was released on June 17, 2008 (2008-06-17) by Comedy Central Records, and charted well acros...
Bo Fo Sho - Wikipedia
Stand Up (EP)
Stand Up is the third Korean mini album by South Korean boy band Big Bang, released by YG Entertainment. The mini album sold over 166,000 copies and contained the hit song "하루하루" or "Day by Day", bet...
Stand Up (EP) - Wikipedia
This Is Hell / Nightmare of You
{ This Is Hell / Nightmare Of You is a split EP featuring hardcore punk band This Is Hell and alternative rock band Nightmare of You. Both bands contribute two unreleased songs to the album. This...
This Is Hell / Nightmare of You - Wikipedia
Pretty Girl (EP)
Pretty Girl is the second mini-album by South Korean girl group Kara. It was released on December 4, 2008. The title track was released as the lead single to promote the album.
It was announ...