Colombian presidential election, 2010
The Colombian presidential election of 2010 took place under a two-round system, with an initial vote held on May 30 and a second poll held three weeks later on June 20. A referendum proposal that wou...
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AIRES Flight 8250
AIRES Flight 8250 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight which crashed on 16 August 2010 on the Colombian island of San Andrés, in the Caribbean, with two fatalities. The aircraft, an AIRES-operate...
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2011 Colombian student protests
The 2011 Colombian student protests was a student protest movement in Colombia. The protest begun as a reaction against a planned reform on the education system in Colombia. On November 16th the refor...
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6th Summit of the Americas
The sixth Summit of the Americas (Spanish: VI Cumbre de las Américas) was held at Cartagena, Colombia, on April 14–15, 2012. The central theme of the summit was "Connecting the Americas: Partners ...
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List of number-one songs of 2012 (Colombia)
This is a list of the National-Report Top 100 Nacional number-one songs of 2012. Chart rankings are based on radio play and are issued weekly. The data is compiled monitoring radio stations through an...
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Reinado Internacional del Café 2012
Reinado Internacional del Café 2012, was held in Manizales, Colombia, on January 8, 2012. 24 beauty queens competed for the title.- The winner was Ximena Vargas, from Bolivia.