2013–15 Ukrainian crisis
A prolonged crisis in Ukraine began on 21 November 2013, when then-president Viktor Yanukovych suspended preparations for the implementation of an association agreement with the European Union. This d...
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Putin’s New American Fan Club?
Their board includes a famed ex-senator. Their goals couldn’t sound more benign. But a new outfit to promote “debate” between the U.S. and Russia has a decidedly pro-Putin lineup...
Officials say death toll in Ukraine mine blast reaches 32
Officials in a separatist rebel-held city in east Ukraine say the death toll from an accidental explosion at a coal mine has risen to 32 with one person unaccounted for.
Ukraine crisis: Deadly bomb blast hits rally in Kharkiv
A bomb kills at least two people and injures at least 10 at a march in Ukraine's second city, Kharkiv, as the ceasefire in the east takes hold.
Putin Demands Surrender of Encircled Ukrainian Troops
Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling on pro-Russian rebels to allow besieged Ukrainian troops safe passage out of the encircled town of Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine. Speaking Tuesday in th...
Heavy Armor Withdrawal in Ukraine Set to Begin Monday
Withdrawal of heavy armor from the frontlines in Ukraine is set to begin Monday under terms of the cease-fire deal aimed at ending the fighting in the country's east.Sunday marked the firs...
Ukraine crisis: Fierce fighting after Minsk peace deal
New fighting is reported in eastern Ukraine despite a new ceasefire deal that is due to come into force at midnight on Saturday.
Historical background of the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine
A variety of social, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic factors contributed to the sparking of unrest in eastern and southern Ukraine in the aftermath of the early 2014 revolution in Ukraine. Following ...
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Titushky (plural; Ukrainian: тітушки, Russian: титушки; sometimes titushkos, titushkas) is a term for mercenary agents who supported the Ukrainian police force during the administration of Vik...
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