The NFL boycott is working!
The NFL boycott is working. This was 20 minutes before Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco Forty Niners game according to the video submitter! The NFL is in for a big wake up call. Also what's up...
Kneeling ignores real cause of surging black homicide
Commentator Heather Mac Donald shares her take on 'Fox & Friends.'
Now I Have Had Enough - Brandon Tatum Destroys the NFL
Now I Have Had Enough - Brandon Tatum Destroys the NFL
NFL receives $1 billion taxpayer money each year!
"The idea that the president should have no sort of recourse to give his opinion here is ridiculous. This idea that somehow it's a private enterprise that should be off limits when the NFL is one of t...
Congresswoman Jackson Lee Kneeling in Defense of 1st Amendment
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson LeeKneeling in Defense of 1st Amendment during 9/25/2017 CBC Special Order on Rooting Out Racism.
Remember The Anti-fa Protester Who Was Hit In The Balls? He Was Just Arrested
Remember The Anti-fa Protester Who Was Hit In The Balls? He Was Just Arrested. A  video of an Antifa protester kicking a canister of tear gas at a police officer and then proceeding to get hit in t...
For the first time in many years there is a guy who stands up and say screw you, you're wrong!
"For the first time in my years covering politics in Washington, here's a guy who's going to stand up and say screw you, you're wrong, I'm not and he takes it back to them. And that is why America...
President Trump Argues Over Charlottesville, Race Relations in Heated Press Conference
President Trump insists he “didn’t wait too long” to condemn Charlottesville hate groups, and reverts back to his initial argument that “there’s blame on both sides,” including the “alt-left,” for Sat...
ANTIFA vs Charlottesville Alt Right
Winship on another level. Visit us at Indeud.
Driver Rams Into Line Of Cars And Protesters
Radical leftist protesters hit by car. 1 woman died. 3+ seriously injured. Driver has been arrested and charged with murder. FOLLOW TARA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter:
Sophie Theallet
Born in 1964 in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, France, Sophie Theallet is a French fashion designer whose clients include First Lady Michelle Obama.
At 18, Sophie Theallet moved to Paris to attend the fashi...
Sophie Theallet - Wikipedia
The Bikelock Fugitive of Berkeley - YouTube
A masked man. A deadly weapon. The story of how /pol/ turned a teaching assistant into a fugitive. Patreon: Discord...