Arve Isdal
live dec 14 '10 in Quebec city.
Phoenix (band)
A Music Video Tribute to the game Phoenix Wright with a reference from Guitar Hero. The song is Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.
Danger Mouse
DJ Dangermouse, mashing Jay-Z's encore with the Beatles off of the Grey Album. I don't think this video had anything to do with Dangermouse.
Danger Mouse - YouTube
Jul 11, 2006 ... The Danger Mouse intro :) ... Watch Later Dangermouse - Series 1 - Wild Wild Goose Chaseby dangermouse25,383 views · 18:32. Watch Later
Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now (Live, 1970) - YouTube
Aug 15, 2007 ... Joni Mitchell playing live in 1970 (complete concert)by Momental Change 154,443 views · 7:17. Watch Later Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now ...
Joni Mitchell-California (BBC) - YouTube
Jun 10, 2007 ... This is a live performance of Joni Mitchell's hit, California. This was taken on October 9, 1970.
Mai Jones
Mai Jones (6 February 1899 – 7 May 1960), was a Welsh songwriter, entertainer and radio producer.She was born in Newport, Monmouthshire, the daughter of the local railway stationmaster. Having ...
Garry Gary Beers
Garry William Beers (born 22 June 1957, Sydney), known as Garry Gary Beers, is an Australian musician and was the bass guitarist for the new wave rock group INXS.
Beers was born to William "Bill" ...
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Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein (/ˈbɜrnstaɪn/; August 25, 1918 – October 14, 1990) was an American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist. He was among the first conductors born and educated ...
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The Book with Seven Seals
The Book with Seven Seals (Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln) is an oratorio in German by the Austrian composer Franz Schmidt, on themes from the biblical Book of Revelation of Saint John. It was completed ...
Arve Isdal
Arve Isdal (born 28 August 1977, Bergen, Norway), also known as Ice Dale, is a Norwegian musician and producer. He is best known for being the guitarist of progressive black metal band Enslaved. He is...
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Ray Teal
Ray Teal (January 12, 1902 – April 2, 1976) was an American actor who appeared in more than 250 movies and some 90 television programs in his 37-year career. His longest-running role w...
Anna Malikova
Anna Malikova (born 14 July 1965) is an Uzbek pianist.
Malikova was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where she received her first musical education with Tamara A. Popovich at Uspensky Music School. A...
Leo Arnaud
Leo Arnaud or Léo Arnaud (/ˈleɪ.oʊ ɑrˈnoʊ/; July 24, 1904 – April 26, 1991) was a French-American composer of film scores, best known for "Bugler's Dream", which is used as the theme by television net...
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Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor may refer to:
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Dajos Béla
Dajos Béla (birth name Leon Golzmann, 19 December 1897 – 5 December 1978) was a Russian violinist and band-leader.
Golzmann was born in Kiev, now part of the Ukraine, of a Russian father and...
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Willi Boskovsky
Willi Boskovsky (16 June 1909 – 21 April 1991) was an Austrian violinist and conductor, best known as the long-standing conductor of the Vienna New Year's Concert.
Willi Boskovsky was born i...