Charles Nicoletti
Charles "Chuckie" Anthony Nicoletti (December 3, 1916 - March 29, 1977), also known as "The Typewriter" and "Chuckie Typewriter", was a top Chicago Outfit hitman under Outfit boss Sam "Mooney" Giancan...
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Adelaide Hanscom Leeson
Adelaide Hanscom Leeson (25 November 1875 – 19 November 1931) was an early 20th-century artist and photographer who published some of the first books using photography to illustrate literary works.
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Wilbur G. Zeigler
Wilbur Gleason Zeigler (1857 – 1935) was a lawyer and writer who is best known for founding the Marlovian theory of Shakespeare authorship in the preface and notes to his 1895 novel It Was Marlowe. He...
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Henry N. Snyder
Dr. Henry Nelson Snyder (1865-1949) was a Methodist educator and author who served as president of Wofford College from 1902 until his retirement in 1942.
Henry Nelson Snyder was born on January 1...
Ángel Luis Arambilet Álvarez (born September 16, 1957), generally known professionally as simply Arambilet, is a novelist, poet, screenwriter, painter, graphic artist, filmmaker and systems engineer f...
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