Patriarch Paul II of Constantinople
Paul II was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 641 to 653. He assumed regency for Byzantine emperor Constans II after a succession crisis in 641.
Patriarch Peter IV of Alexandria
Peter IV served as Greek Patriarch of Alexandria from 642 to 651. Following the Muslim conquest of Egypt, he sought refuge in Constantinople.
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Pope Sergius I
Pope Sergius I (c. 650 – 8 September 701) was Pope from 15 December 687 to his death in 701. He was elected at a time when two rivals, the archdeacon Paschal and the archpriest Theodore, and their sup...
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Pope Martin I
Pope Martin I (Latin: Martinus I; died 16 September 655) reigned from 21 July 649 to his death in 655. He was born near Todi, Umbria, in the place now named after him (Pian di San Martino). He suc...
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Deusdedit of Canterbury
Deusdedit (died c. 664), perhaps originally named Frithona, Frithuwine or Frithonas, was a medieval Archbishop of Canterbury, the first native-born holder of the see of Canterbury. By birth an Anglo-S...
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Pope Adeodatus I
Pope Adeodatus I (died 8 November 618), also called Deodatus I or Deusdedit, was Pope from 19 October 615 to his death in 618.He was born in Rome, the son of a subdeacon. He served as a priest for 40 ...
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Patriarch Pyrrhus of Constantinople
Pyrrhus was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 20 December 638 to 29 September 641, and again from 9 January to 1 June 654.He was a supporter of Monotheletism, a christological doctrine p...
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Pope Honorius I
Pope Honorius I (died 12 October 638) reigned from 27 October 625 to his death in 638.Honorius, according to the Liber Pontificalis, came from Campania and was the son of the consul Petronius. He beca...
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Patriarch Thomas II of Constantinople
Thomas II was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 667 to 669.
Mellitus (died 24 April 624) was the first Bishop of London in the Saxon period, the third Archbishop of Canterbury, and a member of the Gregorian mission sent to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons f...
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Wighard (or Wigheard; died between 664 and 667) was a medieval Archbishop-elect of Canterbury. What little is known about him comes from 8th-century writer Bede, but inconsistencies between various wo...
Pope Sabinian
Pope Sabinian (Latin: Sabinianus, died 22 February 606) was Pope from 13 September 604 to his death in 606. Pope during the Byzantine Papacy, he was fourth former apocrisiarius to Constantinople e...
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Patriarch Theodore I of Alexandria
Theodore I served as Greek Patriarch of Alexandria between 607 and 609.
Justus (occasionally Iustus; died on 10 November between 627 and 631) was the fourth Archbishop of Canterbury. He was sent from Italy to England by Pope Gregory the Great, on a mission to Christianize...
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Pope Boniface III
Pope Boniface III (Latin: Bonifatius III; died 12 November 607) was the Pope from 19 February to his death in 607. Despite his short time as Pope he made a significant contribution to the organiza...
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Sergius I of Constantinople
Sergius I (d. 9 December 638 in Constantinople) was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 610 to 638. He is most famous for promoting Monothelite Christianity, especially through the Ecthesi...
Pope Agatho of Alexandria
Saint Agathon of Alexandria, 39th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. St. Agathon was a disciple of Pope Benjamin I, 38th Pope. Pope Benjamin disappeared for a period of time fr...
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Pope Donus
Pope Donus (died 11 April 678) was Pope from 2 November 676 to his death in 678. He was the son of a Roman named Mauricius. Not much is known of this pope.
While he was Pope, he had the enclosed f...
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Patriarch Peter of Constantinople
Peter was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 654 to 666. He was condemned as an heretic in the Third Council of Constantinople.
Theodore of Tarsus
Theodore (602 – 19 September 690; sometimes known as Theodore of Tarsus or Theodore of Canterbury) was the eighth Archbishop of Canterbury, best known for his reform of the English Church and est...
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Pope John III of Alexandria
Pope John III of Alexandria, 40th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.He was originally from Samanoud a city in the North of Egypt, hence also known as Pope John III of Samanoud....
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Pope Damian of Alexandria
Pope Damian of Alexandria, 35th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.Originally from Syria, where his brother was a prefect in Edessa, he became a monk in his early years and spen...
Pope Eugene I
Pope Eugene I (died 1 June 657), also known as Eugenius I, was Pope from 10 August 654 to his death in 657. He was a native of Rome, born to one Rufinianus.
Little is known of Pope Eugene's early ...
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An apocrisiarius, the Latinized form of apokrisiarios (Greek: ἀποκρισιάριος), sometimes Anglicized as apocrisiary, was a high diplomatic representative during Late Antiquity and the early Middle A...
Patriarch Constantine I of Constantinople
Constantine I was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 675 to 677.
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Pope Agatho
Pope Agatho (died 10 January 681) was Pope from 26 June 678 to his death in 681. He is venerated as a saint by both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Little is known of Agatho before his papacy....
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Patriarch Thomas I of Constantinople
Thomas I was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 607 to 610. He has been canonized a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church. His feast day is March 21 (for those churches which follow the Ju...
Pope John IV
Pope John IV (Latin: Ioannes IV; died 12 October 642) reigned from 24 December 640 to his death in 642. His election followed a four-month sede vacante. He became the first of 11 Greek-speaking po...
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