Afghanistan's Team of Rivals
Can two former political foes overcome a bitter election stalemate to combat the country's endemic corruption?
Ahmed Wali Karzai - Full interview with Ahmed Wali Karzai
Susan Ormiston sits down with the controversial governor of Kandahar, Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of the Afghan president.
Ahmed Wali Karzai - Taliban show sophistication with recruitment of killer bodyguard
Sardar Mohammad, who shot Ahmed Wali Karzai at his home in Kandahar City last week, also held regular meetings with British officials, and had two brothers-in-law serving in a CIA-run paramilit...
Enayatullah Nazari
Enayatullah Nazari was the acting minister of defense of Afghanistan from 8 August 2012 to 15 September 2012 serving for a transitional period. He took over from Abdul Rahim Wardak who resigned after ...
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Ghulam Mohammad Rigi
Ghulam Muhammad Rigi was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2009 Presidential elections.In an interview with Ferozan Rahmani of the Pajhwok Afghan News he stated that all the planks in his platform were bas...
Burhanuddin Rabbani
Burhanuddin Rabbani (Persian: برهان‌الدین ربانی‎; 20 September 1940 – 20 September 2011) was President of the Islamic State of Afghanistan from 1992 to 1996. After the Taliban government was top...
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Fazal Haq Mujahid
Fazal haq Mujahid Pashto: فضل الحق مجاهد son of Noorulhaq from Rodat district of Nangarhar province Afghanistan. Born in 1954 in a poor but highly respected family of Akhunzadgan. He earned his basic...
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Muhammad Yunus Nawandish
Engineer Muhammad Yunus Nawandish is the current mayor of Kabul, appointed at the start of 2010. He is an ethnic Uzbek.Earlier, as of 2002 Nawandish served as Afghan Deputy Minister for Water and Powe...
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Sayed Jalal Karim
Said Jalal Karim is a citizen of Afghanistan who was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2009 Presidential elections.
Karim started attending Istiqlal High School in 1975, at age six, and graduated in 19...
Abdul Majid Samim
Abdul Majid Samim is a citizen of Afghanistan who was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2009 Presidential elections.He dropped out of the race on August 3, 2009, approximately two weeks before the election...
Awtar Singh
Awtar Singh is an Afghan politician. He was the Sikh representative to the Loya Jirga from Paktia.
Mohammad Sarwar Ahmadzai
Sarwar Ahmedzai is a citizen of Afghanistan who was a Presidential candidate in 2009, and also a candidate for the upcoming Afghan 2014 Presidential elections.
Ahmedzai's family moved to Pakistan ...
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Zabih-U-llah Ghazi Noristani
Zabih-U-llah Ghazi Noristani is a citizen of Afghanistan who was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2009 Presidential elections.
He completed his secondary education was at the Rahman Baba High School o...
Mohammed Yusif Yaqub
Mohammed Yusif Yaqub (?-May 7, 2004) was a citizen of Afghanistan who was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detention camp, in Cuba.
On May 14, 2007 Commander Jef...
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