Africa (Roman province)
The Roman province of Africa Proconsularis was established after the Romans defeated Carthage in the Third Punic War. It roughly comprised the territory of present-day northern Tunisia, the northeast ...
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History of Africa
History of Africa.
History of Tunisia
The History of Tunisia is subdivided into the following articles:
Tunisia, al-Jumhuriyyah at-Tunisiyyah, is a sovereign republic. Yet the country's proper name has changed radically more than once...
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History of Algeria
The history of Algeria takes place in the fertile coastal plain of North Africa, which is often called the Maghreb (or Maghrib). North Africa served as a transit region for people moving towards Europ...
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History of Africa
The history of Africa begins with the prehistory of Africa and the emergence of Homo sapiens in East Africa, continuing into the present as a patchwork of diverse and politically developing nation sta...
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Numidia (202 BC – 46 BC) was an Ancient Berber kingdom in what is now Algeria and a smaller part of Tunisia, in North Africa. Numidia was originally divided between Massylii in the east and Masaesyl...
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Mauretania (also called Mauritania) was a part of North Africa corresponding to the Mediterranean coast of what is today Morocco and the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla.Mauretania was an independ...
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African red slip
African red slip ware, also African Red Slip or ARS, is a category of terra sigillata, or "fine" Ancient Roman pottery produced from the mid-1st century AD into the 7th century in the province of Afri...
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Battle of Ruspina
The Battle of Ruspina was fought on January 4, 46 BC in the Roman province of Africa, between the Republican forces of the Optimates and forces loyal to Julius Caesar. The Republican army was commande...
Donatus Magnus
Donatus Magnus, also known as Donatus of Casae Nigrae, became leader of a schismatic Christian sect known as the Donatists in North Africa. He is believed to have died in exile around 355.
Little ...
Amadu Seku
Amadu II of Massina (Fula: Amadu Amadu Hammadi; c. 1815 – February 1853), also called Amadu Seku, was the second Almami, or ruler, of the theocratic Massina Empire or Diina of Hamdullahi in w...
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Al-Mustamsik (Arabic: المستمسك بالله‎) was an Abbasid caliph based in Cairo, Egypt under the tutelage of the Mamluk sultans. He served as caliph twice (1497–1508; 1516–1517).
Ruspina (current location of Monastir, Tunisia) was a Punic-Roman city.It was the site of the Battle of Ruspina in 46 BC in which Pompey's ally Titus Labienus was able by mere force of numbers to infl...
Agrippinus of Carthage
Agrippinus was a bishop of Carthage at the close of the second and beginning of the third century. During his episcopacy, he dealt with the issue of how to treat Christian converts from schism or here...
Battle of Mbumbi
The Battle of Mbumbi was a military engagement between forces of Portuguese Angola and the Kingdom of Kongo.
Portuguese Angola was established in 1575 as a reward to the Portuguese for helping ...
Alodia or Alwa was the southernmost of the three kingdoms of Christian Nubia; the other two were Nobatia and Makuria to the north. Much about this kingdom is still unknown, despite its thousand year e...
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Pupput (Arabic: Souk el-Abiod) is an archaeological site near Hammamet, in northern Tunisia.A settlement existed here since as early as the 1st century BC (perhaps of Berber-Punic origin), and was a s...
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Zama Regia
Zama in what is now Tunisia is best known for its connection with what is called the Battle of Zama, in which, on 19 October 202 BC, Scipio Africanus defeated Hannibal, ending the Second Punic Wa...
List of wars involving Eritrea
This is a list of wars that Eritrea has been involved in.
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Battle of Port Lyautey
The Battle of Port Lyautey began on 8 November 1942 for the city of Port Lyautey, today known as Kenitra, in French Morocco. The battle ended with the United States seizure of the port.
The attack...
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Roman roads in Morocco
Roman roads in Morocco were the western roads of Roman Africa.
In 42 AD the western part of the kingdom of Mauretania was reorganized as a province of Rome Mauretania Tingitana. During the reign...
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