Air hockey
Air hockey is a game for two competing players trying to score points in the opposing player's goal using a table having a special low-friction playing surface.
Air hockey requires an air-hockey t...
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Tim Weissman
Tim Weissman (born 1970) is a clinical psychologist and ten-time World champion in the sport of professional Air Hockey. He is a major subject of the documentary Way of the Puck. He is credited for cr...
Danny Hynes
Danny Hynes of Houston is a top ranked air hockey player who has won eleven world titles and ten national titles.
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Valley-Dynamo, Inc. (officially Valley-Dynamo Limited Partnership or VDLP for short) is a gaming and sporting goods manufacturing company. It has been the dominant manufacturer of coin-operated pool t...
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Shufflepuck Café
Shufflepuck Café is a computer air hockey game developed by Christopher Gross, Gene Portwood and Lauren Elliott for Brøderbund (not a table shuffleboard video game, as the name would suggest- though t...
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