An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. Airlines lease or own their aircraft with which to supply these services and may form partnerships or...
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A complete lack of courage on my part......
A complete lack of courage on my part... As God as my witness, I promise that it will not happen again. God bless this great country. We need it desperately Please share.....
10 Aircrafts Secrets That You Didn't Know
Why do you really need to turn off cell phones during the flight? Is it possible to open the toilet door from the outside? Why is it better not to drink coffee in the airplane, and why are the locks o...
United Airlines Passenger Forcibly Removed on Overbooked Flight
On the 9th April, 2017, a man was forcibly removed from United Airlines Flight 3411 in Chicago, set for Louisville. While we'd normally say that until we hav...
How to defend yourself against UNITED AIRLINES
This is what you have to do when united airlines threatens you Like & subscribe for more interesting videos keynotes
Beaten United Airlines Doctor Convicted of Exchanging Drugs for Sex
New details are emerging about Dr. David Dao, the United Airlines forcibly removed from United flight 3411, and he's not as innocent as he seems. In 2005,
United doctor suffered concussion while being dragged from flight, lawyer says
The Kentucky doctor who was dragged off a United Airlines flight on Sunday received a significant concussion, broken nose and lost two front teeth during the incident, his lawyer revealed.
American Airlines Will Train Employees to Save Victims of Human Trafficking
By learning the warning signs, flight attendants (and other members of the travel industry) can save victims of human trafficking.
JetBlue Landing Gear Failure at LAX
JetBlue Landing Gear Failure at LAX- Pilot does amazing landing
Flight ban on laptops 'sparked by IS threat'
The aircraft ban on electronic devices was prompted by an Islamic State group threat, say US media.
Emirates: #HelloJetman
Armed with unguarded ambition and the vision to push boundaries beyond the unthinkable, Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 take to the skies of Dubai for an exce...
Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation (Open Captions)
This is the full text version of this very funny but whip-speedy monologue of the Southwest flight attendant who got on the Ellen Show in April of 2014. I do...
WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving
Thanks to a team of merry WestJetters and the power of technology, we've learned that miracles really do happen. Read our blog post to learn more about this ...
Airline cabins of the future: A new travel golden age?
Think air travel's getting worse? Here comes technology, smarter seats and inflight cocoons to make it better
Man Kicked Off Plane for Harassing Ivanka Trump
According to TMZ, Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, and their family were on a JetBlue plane leaving New York City on Thursday morning when a fellow p...
WestJet Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong
We invited residents of Fort McMurray to a Christmas party where they could take their minds off the stress of the past seven months and (hopefully) create n...
Airline alliance
An airline alliance is an agreement between two or more airlines to cooperate on a substantial level. Most of the largest passenger airlines worldwide are members of one of three major alliances: the ...
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List of defunct airlines
This is a list of defunct airlines, arranged alphabetically by country within their respective continents.
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Frequent-flyer program
A frequent-flyer program (FFP) is a loyalty program offered by many airlines. Typically, airline customers enrolled in the program accumulate frequent-flyer miles (kilometers, points, segments) corres...