Zu & Co.
Zu or ZU may refer to:
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Safari (Jovanotti album)
Safari is the eleventh studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Jovanotti. Preceded by the single "Fango", it was released in Italy on 17 January 2008. The album features guests including Ben Harper,...
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Spice (album)
Spice is the debut album by British girl group the Spice Girls. It was first released by Virgin Records in November 1996 in Europe, then in February 1997 for the rest of the world. The album was recor...
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Cross Road
Crossroads, or crossroad, or cross road may refer to:
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Chocabeck is the eleventh studio album by Italian rock singer Zucchero Fornaciari. It was released on November 2010. The album was produced by Don Was and Brendan O'Brien and includes collaborations w...
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Ali e radici
Ali e radici (Wings and Roots), also known by its Spanish name Alas y raíces, is a 2009 studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti.Four years after the issue of his last studio album an...
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