Alphaville (band)
Alphaville is a German group which gained popularity in the 1980s. The founding members were lead singer Marian Gold (real name: Hartwig Schierbaum, born 26 May 1954 in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia...
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Alphaville discography
The discography of German synthpop group Alphaville.
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CrazyShow Excerpts
CrazyShow Excerpts is a one-CD promotional sampler of Alphaville's four-CD CrazyShow album.
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Stark Naked and Absolutely Live
Stark Naked and Absolutely Live is the first official live album by Alphaville. While the Dreamscapes compilation featured a full CD of live material, its tracks were culled from many different concer...
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Afternoons in Utopia
Afternoons in Utopia is the second album released by Alphaville in 1986, by Warner Music. The album was recorded between September 1985 and May 1986, and Alphaville employed no less than 27 guest musi...
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CrazyShow is a limited-edition (2500 copies) four-CD album by Alphaville, composed of new material as wellas rare and remixed tracks, and three cover versions ("Do the Strand" by Roxy Music, "Somethin...
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Mysteries of Love (Alphaville song)
The Breathtaking Blue is the third album released by the German band Alphaville in 1989. A companion video, Songlines was released in 1990. The Compact Disc release of this album was one of the first ...
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Sounds Like a Melody
"Sounds Like a Melody" is a song by the German group Alphaville, from the group's debut album Forever Young. The single was released on 14 May 1984.The song was a big success in continental Europe and...
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Forever Young (Alphaville album)
Forever Young is the debut album released by German synthpop/rock group Alphaville on September 27, 1984, by Warner Music Group. It is Alphaville's most critically acclaimed album, with an estimated 2...
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Red Rose (song)
Red Rose is the fifth and final single from Alphaville's 1986 album, Afternoons in Utopia. It was released in April 1987, and is their ninth single overall.
Reviews for the song at the time were g...
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Alphaville Amiga Compilation
Alphaville Amiga Compilation (1988) was released under the Amiga label only in former East Germany, where Forever Young and Afternoons in Utopia weren't easily available. Two songs submitted for the c...
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Jet Set (Alphaville song)
Jet Set is the fourth and last single from Alphaville's first album, Forever Young, and was released in March 1985.Re-recorded and released after founding band member Frank Mertens left the band, the ...
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Little America (video)
Little America (2001) a DVD of Alphaville's 17 July 1999 concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.The DVD also contains the otherwise unreleased video for the single "Soul Messiah", plus other bonus mater...
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Salvation (Alphaville album)
Salvation is the fifth album by Alphaville, released in 1997 in Europe, and – with different artwork and three bonus tracks – in the U.S. in 1999. Produced by Andy Richards, Salvation marked a tumul...
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The Breathtaking Blue
The Breathtaking Blue is the third album released by the German band Alphaville in 1989. A companion video, Songlines was released in 1990. The Compact Disc release of this album was one of the first ...
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Forever Pop
Forever Pop is a collection of new (at the time) remixes of older Alphaville songs and singles. The people responsible for some of the remixes include notables such as Paul Van Dyk, Mark Plati, and De...
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I Die for You Today
I Die for You Today is the 22nd single overall from Alphaville, and the first single from Alphaville's 2010 album Catching Rays on Giant. The original lyrics for the song were written by The Outsider,...
Dreamscapes Revisited
Dreamscapes Revisited is an internet-only release of Alphaville's 1999 limited 8-CD compilation Dreamscapes. This release omits 33 of the original's 124 tracks. The track "Whales (demo 1)" did not app...
Romeos is the first single from Alphaville's 1989 album The Breathtaking Blue. It was released a month ahead of the album, and was the first single by Alphaville to be released as a CD single, previou...
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Catching Rays on Giant
Catching Rays on Giant is the 6th studio album by Alphaville, and it was released on November 19, 2010 in Europe.
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Forever Young (Alphaville song)
"Forever Young" is the title track from German group Alphaville 1984 debut album of the same name. The single was a strong hit in Scandinavia and in the European-German speaking countries in the same ...
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Universal Daddy
Universal Daddy is the 6th single by Alphaville, and their second from their album Afternoons in Utopia. It was released only in Europe.
This song was described as one of the album's best songs an...
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History (Alphaville album)
History is the rarest of Alphaville albums.Released in 1993 only on cassette, and only to members of the official fan club, History is a collection of early Alphaville demo tracks, b-sides, and a few ...
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Prostitute (Alphaville album)
For the 1988 album by Toyah Willcox, see Prostitute (Toyah album).Prostitute is an album by the synthpop band Alphaville. Following worldwide success in the 1980s, it was Alphaville's first release fo...
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Jerusalem (Alphaville song)
Jerusalem is third single from Alphaville's album Afternoons in Utopia. It is their seventh single overall, although it was only made available in Germany. It was released in November 1986.
In the...
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