In Turkic shamanism, the god of thunder. Also called Kvara. He was held in particular reverence by the early Bulgars.
Altan Telgey
Altan Telgey is a Mongol earth goddess. Her relationship to Etugen is unclear. In Mongolian, Delkhey (Delkhi) literally means earth. In modern Mongolian songs, the term Altan Delkhi is commonly mentio...
Ukulan-tojon or Ed'uget-tojon, Ed'uget-bootur was the chief water spirit of the Yakuts.
Erlik or Erlig, (in Hungarian mythology equivalent to Ördög) is the god of death and underworld in Turkic and Mongolian mythology.
According to Siberian mythology, Erlik was the first creation of ...
Tengri (Old Turkic: ; Modern Turkish: Tanrı; Proto-Turkic *teŋri / *taŋrɨ; Mongolian script: ᠲᠨᠭᠷᠢ, Tngri; Modern Mongolian: Тэнгэр, Tenger), is one of the names for the primary chief deity since the ...
The Tungus creator god. He retrieved magic mud from the primeval waters and used it to form the earth.
Among the Tungus peoples of Siberia, Hinkon was the god of hunting and of animal life.
Tung-ak was the Mongol patron god of tribal chiefs. Tung-ak was the ruler of the lesser spirits of Mongolian mythology.
Umay (also known as Umai; in Old Turkic: , Kazakh: Ұмай ана, Russian: Ума́й or Ымай ) is the goddess of fertility and virginity in Turkic mythology and Tengriism and as such related to women, mothers ...
Ai Toyon
Ai Toyon (Sakha: Айыы Тойон, Russian: Айы Тойон) is the Yakut god of light, usually depicted as an eagle perched atop the "world tree".
Yer-sub (Yar-Sub also Yer-Su or Yir-sub) are a category of nature spirits in the Turkic-Mongolian belief of Tengriism. The name means "Earth–Water" in Turkic languages.The word Yer-Sub had two m...
Arsan Duolai
Arsan Duolai is a Yakut god of the underworld. His servant spirits are tasked with the collection of cattle and horses for sacrifices.
"Life-giver"; a Tungus god of souls. Mayin was responsible for giving souls to newborn babies. When this does not happen the baby is soulless. The Tungus believe that those who live a good life would ...
Esege Malan
Esege Malan (Mongolian: Эсеге Малан, Buriat: Эсэгэ, Russian: Эсэгэ Малан), according to Mongol myth and the belief of the Buryats, is the great Creator of all living things. He is a Buryat sky-god who...
Kayra or Kaira, (Altai: Кайракан "Kayrakan", Kyrgyz: Кайра, Turkish: Kayra Han or Kara Han, Azerbaijan: Kayra Xan, Ottoman: كايرا) is the Spirit of God and creator god in Turkic mythology. Supreme god...
Bai-Ülgen or Ülgen (Old Turkic: Bey Ülgen; also spelled Bai-Ulgen, Bai-Ülgen, Bay-Ulgan, Bay-Ulgen, or Bay-Ülgen; Khakas: Ülgen, Cyrillic: Ульген, Russian: Ульгень or Ульге́нь, Ottoman: اولگن) is a Tu...