American football
American football (referred to as football in the United States and also known as gridiron) is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. The offe...
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Watch As New York Giants QB Eli Manning Uses Trump As An Audible
Could This Be The New York Giants Endorsing Trump. Not Necessarily but it's a cool way of bringing politics into their playbook. Watch New York Giants QB Eli Manning Use Trump As An Audible In Their L...
Ivy League Moves To Eliminate Tackling At Football Practices
Ivy League football coaches have decided to take the extraordinary step of eliminating all full-contact hitting from practices during the regular season, the most aggressive measure yet to combat grow...
Super Bowl 50 Is Set: How Panthers, Broncos Stack Up
Cam Newton and Peyton Manning will have to find their way against talented defenses. The Carolina Panthers will meet the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, Calif. Broncos quarterback Peyt...
The Brains That are Tackling Football
The brains that come through Ann McKee’s lab don’t lie. But they are only the beginning of the story about head trauma and its role in neurodegenerative disease.
Vance Walker brings value, versatility in attempt to rebound with Broncos
Vance Walker didn't play much for Kansas City, unable to supplant Allen Bailey or Jaye Howard. But his versatility should help the Denver Broncos.
Photos - 2015 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders
The cheerleaders have been selected for the 2015 Pro Bowl. Take a look at who will be representing their respective teams in Phoenix during Pro Bowl week.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady breaks NFL record for career postseason passing yards, touchdowns
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady set the NFL record for career postseason passing yards during the first half of Saturday\'s AFC Divisional playoff game vs. the Baltimore Ravens. He also tie...
American Football
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American Football - Never Meant - YouTube
Jul 11, 2009 ... LYRICS BELOW****** let's just forget everything said and everything we did best friends, better halves, goodbyes and the autumn night when ...
History of American football
The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby football and association football. Both games have their origin in varieties of football played in Britain in the mid-19th cen...
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High school football
High school football is gridiron football played by high school teams in the United States and Canada. It ranks among the most popular interscholastic sports in both countries.High school football beg...
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American football positions
In American football, each team has eleven players on the field at one time. The specific role that a player takes on the field is called his position. Under the modern rules of American football, tea...
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