Richie Ginther
I found a few 16mm reels from my dad's archives and had them converted to digital. This is an undated (ca 1966?) era commercial my father did for Shell oil. ...
Peter Revson
Born: 27th February 1939, New York City (USA) Died: 22nd March 1974, Kyalami (ZA) Grand Prix driven: 30 First Grand Prix: Belgium in Spa 1964 in a Lotus B.R....
Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney drives his Eagle Formula 1 car to win the Belgian Grand Prix.
Darrell Waltrip
Also Ernie Irwan tries to kill Jeff Gordon during red flag period at Charlotte 1998.
Fireball Roberts
This Crash had 68 cars in it some drivers included are Glen Fireball Roberts and others. Big crash and very famous.
Richard Petty
ESPN's SportsCentury series. This is a portion of a segment from the Richard Petty episode.
Lee Petty
Lee Petty's career ending NASCAR crash at Daytona - early 60's.
Fred Lorenzen
Fred Lorenzen feature on TNT's Pride of NASCAR segment NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Lifelock 400 Chicagoland Speedway IL.
Junior Johnson
Red Line 7000 featured actual NASCAR stock cars in action and the sound of this 427 dirt trackin' is awesome.
Ernie Irvan
as by request, Ernie Irvan's bad crash from the '96 fall race at lowes. cap by fastcat.
Buddy Baker
For more F1 driver interviews go to: At an event sponsored by Grand Prix Tours,Buddy Baker talks about his NASCAR career, and setting ...
Buddy Rice
Buddy Rice talks about racing, his greatest moment, and what he would be doing if he wasn't racing.
Eddie Cheever
American driver from 1978 to 1989 Best rank: 7th in 1983 132 Grand Prix 9 podiums Music: Elton John - I'm still standing.
Buddy Lazier
Buddy gets a little hot in the seat.
Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan talks about his 1985spin and win victory at the Indy 500. Check out for other videos and photos for the celebr...
Allison family
Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison (December 9, 1881 – April 15, 1912), his wife, Bess Waldo Allison (née Daniels) (November 14, 1886 – April 15, 1912), their daughter Helen Loraine Allison (June 5, 1909...
Allison family - Wikipedia
Andretti curse
The Andretti Curse, sometimes referred to as Andretti Luck, is in reference to the unexplainable bad luck the Andretti racing family has experienced in their efforts to win the Indianapolis 500. Patri...
Bill Endicott
Bill Endicott (5 November 1876 – 7 June 1944) was an American racecar driver.
He was born on November 5, 1876 in Montgomery, Indiana. He died on June 7, 1944 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Bill Endicott - Wikipedia
Blackie Wangerin
Blackie Wangerin (born April 4, 1935) is a former NASCAR Winston Cup driver from Bloomington, Minnesota. In 1971 he attempted to qualify for the Daytona 500 but did not make it past the qualifying rac...
Buren Skeen
Whitson Buren Skeen (September 28, 1936 - September 13, 1965) was a NASCAR driver from Denton, North Carolina.
He competed in eight Grand National Series events in his career, earning three finish...