List of Kings of Lydia
This page lists the kings of Lydia, an ancient kingdom in western Anatolia. The Greeks of Homer's time knew Lydia as Maeonia, which was probably an earlier name for the country. Three dynasties are me...
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Trojan or Trojans may refer to:
Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and win the war. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greek...
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Polites is the name of two characters in Greek mythology of the Trojan War, and a genus of butterflies.
Gargasus was a Trojan soldier who killed two Greeks in the Trojan War.
In antiquity, Phrygia (/ˈfrɪdʒiə/; Greek: Φρυγία, [pʰryɡía], Turkish: Frigya) was a kingdom in the west central part of Anatolia, in what is now Turkey, centered on the Sakarya River.The Phryg...
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Dardania (Troas)
Dardanus was an ancient city in the Troad. It was sometimes called Dardania, a term used also for the district around it. Pliny the Elder called it Dardanium.
At the time of the geographer Strabo,...
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In Greek mythology, Hyrtacus (/ˈhɜrtəkəs/; Greek: Ὕρτακος) is an obscure character associated with the Trojan War. He was a comrade of King Priam of Troy. Hyrtacus married Arisbe, daughter of Kin...
Meles of Lydia
Meles (also as Myrsus, according to Herodotus) was the 24th king of Lydia, and 21st king of the Heraclid dynasty; see List of kings of Lydia. He was succeeded by his son, Candaules.He is believed to h...
In Greek mythology, Scamandrius (or Skamandrios) is a name that suggests some association with the city of Troy. This is because it derives from the river Scamander (or Skamandros), which is near the...
In Greek mythology, Amykos (Ancient Greek: Ἄμυκος), Latinized as Amycus, was the son of Poseidon and Melia. He was a boxer and King of the Bebryces, a mythical people in Bithynia. Polydeuces kill...
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In Greek mythology, the name Laodocus (/leɪˈɒdəkəs/; Greek: Λαόδοκος/Λαοδόκος) or Leodocus (Λεωδόκος) may refer to:
Alyattes I
Alyattes I was the twenty-third king of Lydia, and twentieth king of the Heraclid dynasty; see List of Kings of Lydia. He was succeeded by his son, Meles. (Herodotus)He is believed to have reigned bet...
Acamas (Ἀκάμ-ας, -αντος; folk etymology: "unwearying") was a name attributed to several characters in Greek mythology. The following three all fought in the Trojan War, and only the first was not ment...
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Laodice (daughter of Priam)
In Greek mythology, Laodice (/leɪˈɒdəˌsi/; Greek: Λαοδίκη, "people-justice") was the daughter of Priam of Troy and Hecuba. She is described as the most beautiful of Priam's daughters. Before the outbr...
Lysianassa is the name of four characters in Greek mythology:
Croesus (/ˈkriːsəs/ KREE-səs; Ancient Greek: Κροῖσος, Kroisos; 595 BC – c. 547 BC) was the king of Lydia from 560 to 547 BC until his defeat by the Persians. The fall of Croesus made a profo...
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Lycaon (Troy)
In Greek mythology, as recorded in Homer's Iliad, Lycaon (/laɪˈkeɪən/; Greek: Λυκάων; gen.: Λυκάονος) was a son of Priam and Laothoe, and was the father of Pandarus and Iapyx.
During the Trojan Wa...
In Greek mythology, Lityerses (Λιτυέρσης) was an illegitimate son of Midas (or of Comis) dwelling in Celaenae, Phrygia. He challenged people to harvesting contests and beheaded those he beat, putting...
List of children of Priam
Priam, the mythical king of Troy during the Trojan War, supposedly had 68 sons and (on some accounts) 18 daughters. Priam had several wives, the primary one Hecuba, daughter of Dymas or Cisseus, and s...
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Alyattes of Lydia
Alyattes, king of Lydia (619–560 BC), considered to be the founder of the Lydian empire, was the son of Sadyattes, of the house of the Mermnadae.
For several years he continued the war against Mil...
Clytus (mythology)
In Greek mythology, Clytus (Κλύτος) is a name that may refer to:
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Tmolus /ˈmoʊləs/ (Ancient Greek: Τμῶλος, Tmōlos) was a King of Lydia and husband to Omphale. He is the eponymous namesake of Mount Tmolus (modern Bozdağ), which lies in Lydia with the Lydian capi...
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Hippodamas (Ἱπποδάμας, gen. Ἱπποδάμαντος) may refer to:
In Greek mythology, Polyxena (/pəˈlɪksɨnə/; Greek: Πολυξένη) was the youngest daughter of King Priam of Troy and his queen, Hecuba.
Polyxena is considered the Trojan version of Iphigenia, daughter...
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In Greek mythology, the name Ilioneus may refer to:
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In Greek mythology, Omphale (Ancient Greek: Ὀμφάλη) was a daughter of Iardanus, either a king of Lydia, or a river-god. Omphale was queen of the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor; according to Bibli...
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Thoon (mythology)
In Greek mythology, Thoon is a name that refers to:
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