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Which marvel of nature can build a 2 metre Orb Web with a silk that ranks as the World's toughest natural fibre? - The answer is the Darwin's Bark Spider and...
Micropterix cornuella
Micropterix cornuella is a species of moth belonging to the family Micropterigidae. It was described by Lees, Rougerie, Zeller & Kristensen in 2010. It is only known from the type locality in nort...
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Theretra timorensis
Theretra timorensis is a moth of the Sphingidae family. It is known from Timor in Indonesia.
Erikssonia edgei
The Waterberg Copper or Tilodi Copper (Erikssonia edgei) is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. It is found in South Africa where it was previously known only from the type locality, the north-facin...
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Crocodylus anthropophagus
Crocodylus anthropophagus is an extinct species of crocodile from Plio-Pleistocene from Tanzania. It lived 1.84 million years ago. It was a large-sized apex predator reaching a length of 7-7.5 m (23-2...
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Pristimantis adnus
Pristimantis adnus is a species of frog endemic to Panama; it is only known from its type locality in Serranía del Sapo, Darién Province. The species was found while researchers were working on a way ...
Pselnophorus zulu
Pselnophorus zulu is a moth of the Pterophoridae family that is known from South Africa.
Dizoniopsis aspicienda
Dizoniopsis aspicienda is a species of sea snail, a gastropod in the family Cerithiopsidae, which is known from the Strait of Gibraltar. It was described by Bouchet, Gofas and Warén, in 2010.
Nippoptilia distigmata
Nippoptilia distigmata is a moth of the Pterophoridae family. It is known from Korea.The wingspan is 15–16 millimetres (0.59–0.63 in).
The specific name of the new species is derived from the...