Anti-corporate activism
Anti-corporate activism holds that the influence of big business corporations is a detriment to the public good and to the democratic process.
Activists argue that corporate globalization correspo...
Harvey Weinstein's Contract Allowed for Sexual Harassment
The Weinstein Co. may have illegally fired Harvey Weinstein and it also tolerated sexual harassment in his contract.
U.S. authorities raid Caterpillar's Illinois facilities| Reuters
Federal law enforcement officials conducting a criminal probe of heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar Inc searched three of its facilities on Thursday, prompting a sharp sell-off in the company's ...
James R. Clapper Lies In Front Of Senate About NSA Spying On Americans.
S. Hrg. 113-89. (Mar. 12, 2013). Testimony of NSA Director Eric R. Clapper, Current and Projected National Security Threats to the United States. Hearing bef...
A Place Where Anything Can Get Fixed. Meet The Repair Cafe Palo Alto
We traveled to Palo Alto, California home of Stanford University and the first operational Repair Cafe in the United States. Repair Cafe Palo Alto periodically holds events where people from all over ...
RT: NatWest To Close Russian Channel's UK Bank Accounts
Natwest bank is to close all accounts in the UK belonging to Russian state-run broadcaster RT, formerly Russia Today, a move denounced by the network.
Bernie Sanders To DOJ: Focus Wells Fargo Criminal Probe On Senior Execs
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other Senators are pushing the Attorney General to pursue criminal charges against Wells Fargo senior executives like CEO John Stumpf.
U.S. Top Court Leans Toward Making Insider Trading Prosecutions Easier
U.S. Supreme Court justices hearing a closely watched insider trading case indicated on Wednesday they could issue a ruling that would make it easier for prosecutors to pursue such charges against hed...
How The Owners Of Fidelity Get Richer At Everyday Investors' Expense
At Fidelity, ordinary fund investors are missing out on hot pre-IPO deals due to conflicts of interest with the funds’ billionaire owners.
Wells Fargo Fired 5,300 Workers For Improper Sales push. The Executive In Charge Is Retiring With $125 Million.
The company's "record" fine looks puny compared to its top executives pay packages.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Is A Bad Deal For The American People.
We cannot allow this agreement to forsake the American middle class, while foreign governments are allowed to devalue their currency and artificially prop-up their industries.
Goldman Sachs Hired Prostitutes To Win Libyan Business, Court Told
Wall Street Bank disputes allegations by Libyan sovereign wealth fund that it paid for the women, as well as private jets and five-star hotels
The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP): The Most Criminal Treaty In History
As of 5 October 2015, a super-secret 12-nation treaty called TPP is set to be signed by the 12 nations, and the terms of this massive international contract will be kept secret until the contract h...
Goldman Sachs Must Pay $5 Billion For The Sale Of Risky Mortgages Leading Up To The Financial Crisis
The Justice Department on Monday announced a $5-billion settlement with Goldman Sachs over the sale of mortgage-backed securities leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.
This four-letter word is the Swedish key to happiness at work
Can short coffee breaks spell the difference between loving and hating work? In Sweden, where workers are among the least stressed worldwide, the secret to happiness is a four letter word: fika. The w...
Corporate Crime Runs Rampant Thanks To 'Rigged' System: Elizabeth Warren
Three days before the Iowa caucuses, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has released what might have been her closing argument had she been a candidate in the presidential race. It’s a thorough indictment of a rig...
The Simple Technique To Fit A 40-Hour Workweek Into 16.7 Hours
This incredibly simple time management system changed my workday.I let my work be a big part of how I defined myself. I wore those insane hours like a badge of honor . . . I loved telling people how "...
Culture jamming
Culture jamming (sometimes guerrilla communication) is a tactic used by many anti-consumerist social movements to disrupt or subvert media culture and its mainstream cultural institutions, including (...
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The anti-globalization movement, or counter-globalisation movement, is a social movement critical of the globalization of corporate capitalism. The movement is also commonly referred to as the global ...
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Occupy movement
The Occupy movement is the international branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement that protests against social and economic inequality around the world, its primary goal being to make the economic an...
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Harvey Weinstein's Contract Allowed for Sexual Harassment
The Weinstein Co. may have illegally fired Harvey Weinstein and it also tolerated sexual harassment in his contract.
Leah Hunt-Hendrix
Leah Hunt-Hendrix is an activist, organizer, and political theorist. She completed her doctorate at Princeton University in Religion, Ethics and Politics, where she wrote on the concept of solidarity....
Pirate radio in Limerick
Limerick has had an amount of pirate radio stations over the years; however, not many of these have had sufficient longevity to make a significant impact.The biggest radio stations in the region from ...
Federal Trade Commission
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an independent agency of the United States government, established in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act. Its principal mission is the promotion of consume...
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Criticism of Yahoo!
The multinational internet corporation Yahoo! has received criticism for a variety of issues.
In March 2004, Yahoo! launched a paid inclusion program whereby commercial websites were guaranteed li...