Giuseppe Archinto
Giuseppe Archinto ( or Archinti, 1651–1712) was an Italian diplomat, Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan from 1699 to 1712.
Giuseppe Archinto was born in Milan on 17 April 1751 (or on 7 May according...
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Alberico Archinto
Alberico Archinto (born November 8, 1698, Milan — d. September 30, 1758, Rome) — was an Italian cardinal and papal diplomat.He entered the Roman Curia in 1724. Twelve years later he was ordained to th...
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Carlo Gaetano Stampa
Carlo III Gaetano Stampa (1667–1742) was an Italian Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan from 1737 to 1742.
Carlo Gaetano Stampa was born on 1 November 1667 in Milan to count Cristierno Stampa and to ...
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