Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure
Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure was a videogame written by Robert Clardy and released by Synergistic Software in 1980. It was created for the Apple II platform and is considered one of the first micro...
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Crypt of Medea
Crypt of Medea is an adventure video game written by Arthur Britto and Allan Lamb. It was published for the Apple II by Sir-Tech in 1984. Crypt of Medea is one of the early text-based adventure game...
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Spectre (Apple II video game)
Spectre is a 1982 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, written by Bob Flanagan and Scott Miller and published by Datamost.
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SwordThrust is an interactive text adventure game for the Apple II computer, created by Donald Brown and published by CE Software in 1981. It consists of seven separate adventures (each sold separate...
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Spellevator is an educational computer game for the Apple II computer, published by MECC (now part of Mattel's The Learning Company). It was one of the first commercial games to use the ProDOS operati...
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The Bilestoad
The Bilestoad is a computer game by Marc Goodman (credited as "Mangrove Earthshoe") for the Apple II platform, released in 1982 by Datamost.
In The Bilestoad, players control "meatlings" that hack...
Titan Empire
Titan Empire is a 1983 computer strategy/action game developed and published by MUSE Software. It was developed for the Apple II.
The player controls a ship resembling the Starship Enterprise. A...
Airheart is a 1986 video game for the Apple II. It was designed and programmed by Dan Gorlin and published by Brøderbund. It requires an Apple IIe enhanced (or later) to run, as it uses double hi-res...
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Tower of Myraglen
Tower of Myraglen is an adventure role-playing video game published by PBI Software. It was released for the Apple IIGS in 1987.
The player is a Knight of Justice who answers the King of Myraglen...
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KansasFest (also known as KFest) is an annual event for Apple II computer enthusiasts. Held every July at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, KansasFest typically lasts five days and featur...
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Network (video game)
Network is a real-time, two player business simulation game developed by David Mullich for the Apple II in 1980. Two players play competitively against the computer, each taking the role of the prog...
Space Defender
Space Defender is a video game for the Apple II computer, created by Daniel Schuyler and published by Bel-Air Software in 1982. The game required an Apple II computer with a minimum of 48K RAM.Space ...
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Snack Attack
Snack Attack is a 1982 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, created by Dan Illowsky and published by Datamost.
The gameplay mechanics are very similar to those of Pac-Man, which was...
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Apple Trek
Apple Trek is a computer game for the Apple II family of computers based on the Star Trek science fiction series.
This is similar to the earlier mainframe-based Star Trek game. It runs in text mo...
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Space Eggs
Space Eggs is a video game for the Apple II computer, created by Nasir Gebelli and published by Sirius Software in 1981.
Space Eggs is an unofficial port of the arcade game Moon Cresta to the Appl...
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Thief (Apple II video game)
Thief is a 1982 computer game created by Bob Flanagan and published by Datamost.
The game puts the player in control of a thief that must make his way through simple mazes in search of items to st...
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Swashbuckler (video game)
Swashbuckler is a 1982 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, created by Paul Stephenson and published by Datamost.
This combat game puts the player in control of a sword-wielding swa...
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Money Munchers
Money Munchers is a 1982 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, created by Bob Bishop and published by Datamost.
In Money Munchers, you guide a small figure through a maze, picking up...
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RobotWar was a programming game written by Silas Warner. This game, along with the companion program RobotWrite, was originally developed in the TUTOR programming language language on the PLATO syste...
Jenny of the Prairie
Jenny of the Prairie was a computer game published by Addison-Wesley in 1984, developed by Rhiannon Software, and which ran on the Apple IIe. It was one of the first games featuring female character a...
Firebug (video game)
Firebug was a 1982 computer game by MUSE Software for the Apple II computer. The game was released on cassette tape and on floppy disk. It was written by Silas Warner, whose most famous accomplishme...
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Mars Cars
Mars Cars is a 1982 Apple II game produced by Datamost. The player moves a car to collect eggs while avoiding monsters. Getting touched by a monster results in loss of a life. Monsters are added to ...
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