Arab culture
Arab culture refers to the culture in the countries in which the official language is Arabic (although the Arabic language in some of them is the language of minority), and the west officials and scho...
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Inside the World of High-End Coffee | Annals of Obsession | The New Yorker
Hard-core aficionados and casual coffee-lovers have formed a new culture of specialty-coffee appreciation. In this flourishing industry, caffeinated connoisseurs form close relationships with the farm...
Naples marks 'suspended coffee day' amid social crisis
Cafes across Naples marked Suspended Coffee Day on Tuesday, spotlighting a remarkable tradition of social solidarity in the crisis-hit Italian city that is now more needed than ever
Quebec mosque shooting: Police arrest a suspect and a witness
One of the two men detained over the incident, that killed six people, is a witness, police say.
Drum Solo Wana Be Ied Anak belly dance by Cassandra Fox
Music is Wana Be Ied Anak by Hossam Ramzy Just a little fun improvisation before work! Dress made by me. Yes it's a mess behind me. I know I made it. I made a mess but I also made a dress;) heheh F...
Drum Solo Wana Be Ied Anak belly dance by Cassandra Fox
Drum Solo Wana Be Ied Anak belly dance by Cassandra Fox
Do you allow your sister to work, travel, or live alone?
"Do you allow your sister to work, travel, or live alone?" Watch what men in Jordanian capital Amman answered to DW's Jaafar Abdul Karim
Construction workers shocked to discover a centuries-old Mummy in China
Construction workers shocked to discover a centuries-old Mummy in China Construction workers in China were shocked to discover a centuries-old coffin containing an extremely well-preserved male corps...
Islam in Europe
NEW!! Secrets of Egypt Bewilder Scientist!tombs
Secrets of the Egypt Bewilder Scientist! When it comes to ancient Egypt nothing is more highly debated than the age of the Sphinx!
Kuwaiti preacher, ISIS call for demolition of Egypt'€s Sphinx, pyramids
An Islamist preacher from Kuwait has called to destroy Egypt's Sphinx and pyramids, stating it is time for Muslims to erase the pharaohs' heritage. The alleged call comes as Islamic State jihadists ra...
King Tut's dagger blade was made from a meteorite
King Tut's dagger blade was made from a meteorite.
Arabic language
Arabic /ˈærəbɪk/ (Arabic: العَرَبِيةُ‎‎ al-ʻarabiyyah [alʕaraˈbijja] or Arabic: عربي ,عربى‎‎ ʻarabī [ˈʕarabiː]) is the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century and ...
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Arabic literature
Arabic literature (Arabic: الأدب العربي‎ / ALA-LC: al-Adab al-‘Arabī) is the writing, both prose and poetry, produced by writers in the Arabic language. The Arabic word used for literature i...
Arabian mythology
Arabian mythology is the set of ancient, pre-Islamic beliefs held by the Arab people. Prior to Islam, the Kaaba of Mecca was covered in symbols representing the myriad demons, djinn, demigods, or simp...
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Arabic Music
Arabic music or Arab music (Arabic: الموسيقى العربية – ALA-LC: al-mūsīqá al-‘Arabīyah) is the music of the Arab world.Arab music, while independent and very alive, has a long history of interaction wi...
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Belly dance
Belly dance or bellydance is a Western-coined name for a type of Middle Eastern dance. Originally a "solo, improvised dance involving torso articulation", belly dance takes many different forms depen...
Arab cuisine
Arab cuisine (Arabic: مطبخ عربي‎) is defined as the various regional cuisines spanning the Arab World, from Mesopotamia to Saudi Arabia. Arab cuisine often incorporates the Levantine and Egy...
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Arabian carpet
Arabian Carpet (Arabic:سجاد, Sijjad), are those oriental carpets made in the Arab world using traditional Arab carpet making techniques.
Arabian carpets dating back to the 7th century BCE have bee...
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Islam (/ˈɪslɑːm/; Arabic: الإسلام‎, al-ʾIslām [ælʔɪsˈlæːm]) is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur'an, an Islamic holy book considered by its adherents to be the ver...
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History of hadith
Hadith (/ˈhædɪθ/ or /hɑːˈdiːθ/; Arabic: حديث‎) in Islamic religious use is often translated as "prophetic traditions", meaning the corpus of the reports of the teachings, deeds and say...
Islamic art
Some Islamic art featured at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.Islamic art encompasses the visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by people who lived within the territory that w...
Islamic calligraphy
Islamic calligraphy, or Arabic calligraphy, is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy, based upon the Arabic language and alphabet in the lands sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage...
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Islam and clothing
The Arabic word hijab has a literal translation into the word “veil”. Adherents of Islam believe that it was originally implemented by Allah in order to secure Mohammed’s privacy and create a distinct...
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Islamic philosophy
Islamic philosophy is the systematic investigation of problems connected with life, the universe, ethics, society, and so on as conducted in the Muslim world. Not all Islamic philosophers have been Mu...
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Culture of the Arab States of Persian Gulf
There is a rich and ancient culture in Eastern Arabia (Arab states of the Persian Gulf). Eastern Arabia's culture has always been orientated towards the sea. While being Arab at its core, it has been ...
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