Aragonese language
Aragonese (/ˌærəɡɒˈniːz/; aragonés [aɾaɣoˈnes] in Aragonese) is a Romance language spoken by between 10,000 and 30,000 people throughout the valleys of the Pyrenees in Aragon, Spain, mainly in the com...
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Aragonese dialects
The Aragonese language has many local varieties, which are grouped in valley varieties or comarca varieties. The term dialect is ambiguous and it can be used to refer to well-known valley varieties, s...
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Academia de l'Aragonés
The Academia de l'Aragonés (in English, Academy of the Aragonese Language) is an organ founded on 15 July 2006 by the 2nd Congress on the Aragonese so as to be the linguistic authority for the Aragone...
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Ribagorçan dialect
Ribagorçan (autonym: ribagorsano, [riβaɣoɾˈsano] or ribagorzano, [riβaɣoɾˈθano]; Aragonese: ribagorzano, [riβaɣoɾˈθano]; Standard Catalan: ribagorçà, [riβəɣurˈsa]) is the name given to a number of...
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Aragüés Aragonese
Aragüés Aragonese is the Aragonese variety spoken in Aragüés and Jasa. It is very similar to Cheso Aragonese, and better preserved than Aísa Aragonese.
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Ansó Aragonese
Ansó Aragonese is a variety of Western Aragonese spoken in Ansó Valley, included Ansó, Biniés and Fago.
Final -r is not pronounced in Ansó but it's still pronounced in Fago.
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Hecho Aragonese
Hecho Aragonese, or Cheso, is a Western Aragonese variety spoken in the Hecho Valley of Northern Aragon.
Hecho Aragonese is one of Western Aragonese's most preserved varieties and it could be said...
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Benasquese dialect
Benasquese (autonym: benasqués), often called patués by its speakers, is the native Romance linguistic variety of the Valley of Benasque, in the province of Huesca (Aragon, Spain). Usually regarded as...
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Aragonese Wikipedia
The Aragonese Wikipedia (or Biquipedia) is the Aragonese language edition of the Web-based free-content encyclopedia Wikipedia. The project was started on 21 July 2004. As of 31 October 2010, this edi...
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Aisinian Aragonese
Aisa Aragonese is a dialect of Aragonese language spoken in Aísa Valley. It is very similar to Aragüés Aragonese and Jaca Aragonese.
The article is like in General Aragonese :o, a, os, as.As ...
Judæo-Aragonese was a Judæo-Romance language (a Jewish language derived from Aragonese), used by Spanish Jews in north-central Spain from the mid-700s until the time of the Jewish expulsion from Spain...