An archipelago (/ɑrkɨˈpɛləɡoʊ/ ark-i-PEL-ə-goh), sometimes called an island group or island chain, is a chain, cluster or collection of islands. The word archipelago is derived from the Greek ἄρχι- – ...
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Indonesia tsunami
Indonesia tsunami.
The Beautiful Island of Lofoten, Norway
The Beautiful Island of Lofoten, Norway 🇳🇴🇳🇴
Pennsylvania college student who vanished in Bermuda is found dead
The American college student from Pennsylvania who went missing in the British island territory of Bermuda on Sunday night has been found dead, police said.
Malta anti-graft blogger killed in car bomb
Malta's best known investigative journalist,Daphne Caruana Galizia has been killed in a car bomb near her home. The powerful explosive device destroyed her Peugeot 108, throwing debris into a nearby...
The Missing Alien Bodies Of Malta | A Cover Up?
1902 an incredible discovery was made in Malta, a discovery which has been covered up for over a century, while digging down to create foundations for a new ...
Hawaii snowfall: Parts of state receive weather warning - BBC News
A winter weather warning is issued for parts of the tropical US state of Hawaii - yes, Hawaii.
New Zealand earthquake: Tsunami follows powerful tremor
A tsunami arrives at New Zealand's South Island less than two hours after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake.
Philippines president allies with China
The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announced that the country would separate from its longstanding relationship with the US and ally with China. Duter...
Magma chamber grows beneath New Zealand
And it was responsible for thousands of earthquakes.
After The Pacific Ocean Swallows Villages And Five Solomon Islands, A Study Blames Climate Change
The sea has eroded or completely swallowed at least 11 of the Solomon Islands over the past 70 years. Why some of the Solomon Islands have disappeared A study has found that five of the Solomon Islan...
Volcano In Alaska Sends Ash Spewing 20,000 Feet Up
A volcano eruption in Alaska sent ash 20,000 feet up in the air and prompted flight warnings, according to authorities.
Hawaii Island Declares A Dengue Fever State Of Emergency
The mayor of Hawaii's Big Island declared a state of emergency on Monday amid the state's largest outbreak of dengue fever since the 1940s. The move comes more than three months after the state Depart...
Flying Penis Hits New Zealand Official At Trade-Deal Protest
New Zealanders have a unique way with expressing themselves through protest: This time, it features an Economic Development Minister — and a flying dildo. A woman tossed the jiggly sex toy at Minister...
Hawaii Department Of Health Reports First Case Of Zika Virus In The U.S.
Just days after the Center for Disease Control recommended travel warnings to pregnant women headed to Latin America, the Hawaiian Department of Health has confirmed a Zika “virus infection in a baby ...
Island arc
An island arc is a type of archipelago, often composed of a chain of volcanoes, with arc-shaped alignment, situated parallel and close to a boundary between two converging tectonic plates. Most of the...
Volcanic arc
A volcanic arc is a chain of volcanoes formed above a subducting plate, positioned in an arc shape as seen from above. Offshore volcanoes form islands, resulting in a volcanic island arc. Generally th...
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Mediterranean islands
This is a list of islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
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Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands (/ˌbæliˈærɨk ˈaɪləndz/; Catalan: Illes Balears [ˈiʎəz βəɫəˈas]; Spanish: Islas Baleares [ˈislas βaleˈaɾes]) are an archipelago of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea, n...
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The Cyclades (/ˈsɪklədiːz/; Greek: Κυκλάδες, [cikˈlaðes]) are a Greek island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece and a former administrative prefecture of Greece. They are one of...
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The Dodecanese (/doʊdɪkəˈniːz/; Greek: Δωδεκάνησα, Dodekánisa, [ðoðeˈkanisa], literally 'twelve islands'; Turkish: Menteşe Adaları or Oniki Ada) are a group of 12 larger plus 150 smaller Greek...
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Ionian Islands
The Ionian Islands (Modern Greek: Ιόνια νησιά, Ionia nisia; Ancient Greek, Katharevousa: Ἰόνιοι Νῆσοι, Ionioi Nēsoi; Italian: Isole Ionie) are a group of islands in Greece. They are traditionally ...
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The Azores (/əˈzɔrz/ ə-ZORZ, /ˈeɪzɔrz/ AY-zorz; Portuguese: Açores, [ɐˈsoɾɨʃ]), officially the Autonomous Region of the Azores (Região Autónoma dos Açores), is one of the two autonomous regions of...
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Bermuda /bɜrˈmjuːdə/, also referred to in legal documents as the Bermudas or Somers Isles, is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the ...
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The Bahamas
The Bahamas /bəˈhɑːməz/ (), officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is an island country of the Lucayan Archipelago consisting of more than 700 island...
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Greater Antilles
The Greater Antilles are one of the island groups in the Caribbean Sea. Comprising the islands of Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Hispaniola (containing the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Puerto Rico, and J...
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Lesser Antilles
The Lesser Antilles (also known as the Caribbees) are a long, partly volcanic island arc in the Caribbean Sea. Most of its islands form the eastern boundary of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Oce...
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