Pope Francis - Abu Dhabi - Welcoming Ceremony 2019-02-04
From Abu Dhabi, Welcoming Ceremony at the Presidential Palace
60 seconds to relive Pope Francis' Journey in the United Arab Emirates
The most touching and powerful moments of Pope Francis' Journey in the United Arab Emirates.
President Trump meets pope at the Vatican
Pope Francis welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump to the Vatican May 24.
Watch This Sneaky Little Girl Casually Steal The Pope's Hat
A sneaky little girl casually stole Pope Francis' skullcap: "It was hilarious, everyone was laughing, including the Pope."
A. Piazzolla. Libertango
Moscow City Symphony "Russian Philharmonic" Phonograph Jazz Band Conductor -- Honoured Artist of Russia Sergey Zhilin Soloists -- Yuri Medyanik (bandoneon), ...
Pope Francis extends power to forgive abortion
Pope Francis has extended indefinitely the power of Catholic priests to forgive abortions, making the announcement in an apostolic letter released Monday.
Pope Francis warns world 'is at war' after Europe attacks
Pope Francis warns that a recent wave of jihadist attacks in Europe is proof that the world is "at war", but stresses that religion is not the cause.
Lionel Messi Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison
Soccer star Lionel Messi and his father have been sentenced to 21 months in prison by a Spanish court for tax fraud, multiple media outlets have reported.
Nostradamus WARNED: Pope Francis Will Abdicate the Papacy
This documentary short looks into one of Nostradamus' predictions. Nostradamus is famous for penning several prophecies written in quatrains that have a stunning accuracy to events that happened after...
Migrant crisis: Pope returns from Greece with 12 migrants
Pope Francis takes 12 Syrian migrants back with him to the Vatican after visiting a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.
Lionel Messi Gifts Fulfill Afghan Child's Dream
The youngster pictured wearing a striped plastic bag with Lionel Messi's name and number on it is now the proud owner of a real Messi shirt....thanks to the soccer superstar and the United Nations Chi...
Pope Francis questions Donald Trump's Christianity
Pope Francis questions US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's Christianity over his call to build a border wall with Mexico.
Unprecedented: Pope Francis, Russian Patriarch Kirill to meet in Cuba to heal 1,000yr rift
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, is to meet his Roman Catholic counterpart, Pope Francis, during a historic visit to Latin America. The groundbreaking meeting is to ...
Pope Francis' prayer intentions for January 2016
The Pope’s first-ever video message on his monthly prayer intentions was released tuesday, highlighting the importance of interreligious dialogue and the beliefs different faith traditions hold in com...
ESPN FC awards 2015 belongs to Messi Barcelona Luis Enrique
The votes for our annual ESPN awards are in and the ballots have been tallied. Iain Macintosh reacts to the winners and the losers of 2015.
Julio Saraceni
Julio Saraceni (October 10, 1912 – October 12, 1998) was a prolific Argentine film director whose career in the Cinema of Argentina as a movie director spanned six decades.He was an aviator as a...
Julio Saraceni - Wikipedia
Horacio Raúl Baldessari
Horacio Raúl "La Pepa" Baldessari (born 21 November 1958 in Córdoba) is a former Argentine football striker who played professionally in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru during the late 1970s, 80s and earl...
Luis Sandrini
Luis Sandrini (22 February 1905 – 5 July 1980) was a prolific Argentine comic film actor and film producer. He has made over 80 appearances in film between 1933 and 1980.His wife was actress Malvina P...
Luis Sandrini - Wikipedia
Lionel Messi Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison
Soccer star Lionel Messi and his father have been sentenced to 21 months in prison by a Spanish court for tax fraud, multiple media outlets have reported.
Manuel Puig
Manuel Puig (born Juan Manuel Puig Delledonne) (December 28, 1932 - July 22, 1990) was an Argentine author. Among his best known novels are La traición de Rita Hayworth (1968) (Betrayed by Rita Haywo...
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Adrián Barilari
Adrian Eduardo Barilari (born November 11, 1959) is an Argentine singer best known as the vocalist of the heavy metal and hard rock band Rata Blanca. He also has his own soloist band.
He was invol...
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Roberto Perfumo
Roberto Alfredo Perfumo (born 3 October 1942) is a former Argentine footballer, currently working as sports commentator in the Argentine television.
Perfumo was born in Sarandí and his first appro...
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Oscar Valicelli
Oscar Valicelli (1915–1999) was an Argentine film actor.