Cristina Grigoras - 1981 Worlds AA - Balance Beam
Cristina Grigoras - 1981 Worlds AA - Balance Beam
Balance beam
The balance beam is an artistic gymnastics apparatus, as well as the event performed using the apparatus. Both the apparatus and the event are sometimes simply referred to as "beam". The English abbre...
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Parallel bars
Parallel bars is an apparatus used by male gymnasts in artistic gymnastics. Gymnasts may optionally wear grips when performing a routine on the parallel bars, although this is uncommon.
The appar...
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Uneven bars
The uneven bars or asymmetric bars is an artistic gymnasts apparatus. It is used only by female gymnasts. It is made of a steel frame. The bars are made of fiberglass with wood coating, or less commo...
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Springboard (gymnastics)
A springboard is a platform set upon one or usually multiple springs used in artistic gymnastics to propel a gymnast who jumps upon it further than if they had otherwise jumped off a fixed platform. T...
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Horizontal bar
The horizontal bar, also known as the high bar, is an apparatus used by male gymnasts in Artistic Gymnastics. It traditionally consists of a cylindrical metal (typically steel) bar that is rigidly hel...
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Pommel horse
The pommel horse (also side horse) is an artistic gymnastics apparatus. Traditionally, it is used by only male gymnasts. Originally made of a metal frame with a wooden body and a leather cover, modern...
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Floor (gymnastics)
In gymnastics, the floor refers to a specially prepared exercise surface, which is considered an apparatus. It is used by both male and female gymnasts. The event in gymnastics performed on floor is ...
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Rings (gymnastics)
The rings, also known as steady rings or still rings (in contrast to flying rings), is an artistic gymnastics apparatus and the event that uses it. It is traditionally used only by male gymnasts, due ...
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Vault (gymnastics)
The vault is an artistic gymnastics apparatus on which gymnasts perform, as well as the skill performed using that apparatus. Vaulting is also the action of performing a vault. Both male and female gy...
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