Francis Allen (engraver)
Francis Allen (fl. 1652) was a German engraver who executed the frontispiece to the book Dialogus D. Urbani Regi (or Regii?), dated Lübeck, 1652.
Master Hugo
Master Hugo (fl. c.1130-c.1150) was a Romanesque lay artist. His documented career at Bury St Edmunds Abbey spans from before 1136 to after 1148. He is most famous for illuminating the first volume of...
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Johann Balzer
Johann Balzer (6 August 1738 – 14 December 1799) was an 18th-century Bohemian engraver
Balzer was born at Kuks, in Bohemia, in 1738. He was first instructed in art by Michal Rentz, but subse...
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Nellie Meadows
Nellie Meadows (1915–2006) was an artist from Clay City, Kentucky whose painting "Kentucky the Great State" became the state's official piece during the U.S. bicentennial.Meadows was born in 1915, an...
Simon Gribelin
Simon Gribelin (1661-1733) was a French line engraver.
Gribelin was born at Blois in 1661, and appears to have been a son of Jacob Gribelin, an engraver, who died at Paris in 1676. After being tra...
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John Bacon (sculptor, 1777–1859)
John Bacon (1777–1859) was an English sculptor, operational during the early 19th century.
Bacon was the second son of the sculptor John Bacon R.A. He entered the Royal Academy Schools at the age ...
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