List of airlines of Syria
This is a list of airlines currently operating in Syria:
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Damascus International Airport
Damascus International Airport (Arabic, مطار دمشق الدولي) (IATA: DAM, ICAO: OSDI) is the international airport of Damascus, the capital of Syria. Inaugurated in the mid-1970s, it also is the coun...
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Deir ez-Zor Airport
Deir ez-Zor Airport (Arabic: مطار دير الزور‎) (IATA: DEZ, ICAO: OSDZ) is an airport serving Deir ez-Zor, a city in northeastern Syria.
The airport resides at an elevation of 700 fee...
Buffalo 461
Buffalo 461 was a Canadian military de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo assigned to the second United Nations Emergency Force force in Syria in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution 340....
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Aleppo International Airport
Aleppo International Airport (Arabic: مطار حلب الدولي‎) (IATA: ALP, ICAO: OSAP) is an international airport serving Aleppo, Syria. The airport serves as a secondary hub for Syrian Air.<...
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TWA Flight 840 hijacking (1969)
TWA Flight 840 was a Trans World Airlines flight from Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport in Rome, Italy to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, that was hijacked on 29 August 196...
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List of airports in Syria
This is a list of airports in Syria, sorted by location.Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the...
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Cham Wings Airlines
Cham Wings Airlines (Arabic: أجنحة الشام للطيران‎, previously known as Sham Wing Airlines) is a private Syrian airline with its head office in Damascus, Syria.
Cham Wings operates the fo...
Syrian Pearl Airlines
Syrian Pearl, Inc., operated as Syrian Pearl Airlines (Arabic: طيران لؤلؤة السورية‎), was a private airline based in Syria.
Syrian Pearl Airlines operated the following services (as of D...
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Palmyra Airport
Palmyra Airport (Arabic: مطار تدمر‎) (IATA: PMS, ICAO: OSPR) is an airport serving Tadmur (ancient Palmyra), a city in Syria.
The airport resides at an elevation of 1,322 feet (403&...
Syrian Air
Syrian Arab Airlines (Arabic: مؤسسة الطيران العربية السورية‎), operating as SyrianAir (Arabic: السورية‎), is the flag carrier airline of Syria. It operates scheduled international ...
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List of Syrian Air Force bases
This page lists air bases operated or used by the Syrian Air Force. Some of these bases may have fallen into the hands of the armed opposition groups during the Syrian Civil War.
Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Bassel al-Assad International Airport (Arabic: مطار باسل الأسد الدولي‎) (IATA: LTK, ICAO: OSLK) is an airport serving Latakia, the principal port city of Syria. The airport is named for...
Kamishly Airport
Kamishly Airport (Arabic: مطار القامشلي‎) (IATA: KAC, ICAO: OSKL) is an airport serving Qamishli (also known as Kamishli or Qamishli), a city in northeastern Syria.
The airport resi...
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