Bad Aibling
Bad Aibling (  ) is a spa town and former district seat in Bavaria (Germany) on the river Mangfall, located some 35 miles southeast of Munich. It is a health resort (peat pulp bath and miner...
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Eleonore Baur
Eleonore Baur (7 September 1885 – 18 May 1981), also known as Sister Pia, was a senior Nazi figure and the only woman to have participated in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch.
Born Eleonore Mayr ...
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Eduard Dietl
Eduard Dietl (21 July 1890 – 23 June 1944) was a German general of World War II. He was born in Bad Aibling, Bavaria. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves an...
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Miriam Steinel
Miriam-Olivia Steinel (born 14 November 1982 in Bad Aibling) is a German former ice dancer. She teamed up with Vladimir Tsvetkov in November 1997 and competed with him until 2003. They are two-time Ju...
Friedrich Meggendorfer
Friedrich Meggendorfer (June 7, 1880 – February 12, 1953) was a German psychiatrist and neurologist.
Born in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, he was intended to take over the local colonial goods store of hi...
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Amelie Kober
Amelie Kober (born 16 November 1987 in Bad Aibling) is a German Federal Police officer and Olympic medalist in snowboarding.
At the Junior World Championships 2005 in Zermatt, Switzerland she won ...
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Bad Aibling Station
The Bad Aibling Station (abbreviated BAS, also known as Field station 81, which had an official designation as the 18th United States Army Security Agency Field Station, or as the pseudonym Hortensie ...
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Johann Sperl
Johann Sperl (3 November 1840 – 29 July 1914) was a German painter.
Johann Sperl was born (as Johann Spörl) in Buch (now part of Nuremberg, Middle Franconia) in 1840 as an only child of Protestant...
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