BREXIT PROROGATION SCUFFLE: Chaotic scenes as UK parliament suspended
The House of Commons descended into chaos in the early hours of this morning as Prime Minister Boris Johnson went through with his threat to shut down Parliament. The drama unfolded at nearly 1:30am...
A UK company is creating edible water blobs that it hopes will eradicate the world of plastic waste
A UK company has created a biodegradable alternative to plastic bottles which is currently crowdfunding on crowdcube. The product is a blob of water that's m...
Farage suggests UK should copy Trump's immigration ban
Nigel Farage, pictured on BBC's Sunday Politics programme today, defended Mr Trump's Muslim travel ban and blamed it on Germany's open-door policy towards refugees fleeing Syria.
'Opposites attract,' UK PM calls on Trump to renew special relationship
Joking that "opposites attract," Prime Minister Theresa May called on President Donald Trump on Thursday to renew the "special relationship" between Britain and the United States and lead in a new, ch...
UK is being exploited by men masquerading as child refugees, foster couple warn
Couple Sarah and Giles have fostered 'child refugees' who turn out to be adults. Following doubts of the ages of those from Calais, they said they couldn't believe it hadn't come out before.
VIDEO: Construction Begins On 'Great Wall Of Calais'
This week the UK began construction on a “great wall” near its most porous border in Calais, France, to keep illegal migrants out.
The EU referendum is not legally binding and can't force a Brexit
There is an extraordinary loophole that means the government will not have to pull Britain out of the EU if the public votes for a Brexit in the referendum.
EU referendum: UK 'must not delay leaving'
EU leaders insist the UK must move swiftly to negotiate leaving the organisation after Thursday's referendum, saying any delay would prolong uncertainty.
Brexit after EU referendum: UK to leave EU and David Cameron quits
Updates as UK voters choose to leave the European Union.
Barack Obama visit: Stick with EU, US president urges UK
Barack Obama urges the UK to stick with the EU, as he starts his last trip to Britain as US president by meeting the Queen.
No, Prince William has not backed the campaign to keep the UK in the EU
Prepare for maximum silliness. The UK’s EU in, out, shake it all about referendum campaign hasn’t even started yet, and already the domestic media is in overdrive. The latest victim of incipient refer...
U.K. Regulator Gives Go-Ahead For Scientists To Edit Genes In Human Embryos
A team of British scientists received approval by U.K.'s fertility regulator to edit genes in human embryos. "It is the first time a country has considered the DNA-altering technique in embryos and ap...
Doctors In UK Call For World Medical Association Boycott Of Israel On ‘Medical Torture’ Accusations
Seventy-one doctors in the United Kingdom have joined 343 academics calling for a ban on doctors from Israel and joint projects with Israeli universities, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Is 'British' Boy Soldier In New ISIS Execution Video Son Of Notorious Jihadi Bride Khadijah Dare?
A boy soldier who appears in a new ISIS execution video could be the son of a notorious British jihadi bride. Footage released online last night shows a masked Briton carrying out the brutal murder of...
‘New Jihadi John’ Appears To Kill Five In Islamic State Video
A new Islamic State video purports to show the death of five alleged British spies at the hands of a man speaking English with a British accent. Although the video was not yet authenticated, news outl...
Falkland Islands: Argentina Urges UK To Return To Negotiating Table
New Argentinian government wants sovereignty dispute over Malvinas, or Falkland, Islands settled ‘fairly and definitively’. Argentina’s new conservative government affirmed on Sunday that it would con...
HMS Cardiff (D108)
HMS Cardiff was a British Type 42 destroyer and the third ship of the Royal Navy to be named in honour of the Welsh capital city of Cardiff. Construction was started by Vickers Shipbuilding and Engine...
HMS Cardiff (D108) - Wikipedia
SS Oriana (1959)
SS Oriana was the last of the Orient Steam Navigation Company's ocean liners. She was built at Vickers-Armstrongs, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England and launched on 3 November 1959 by Princess Alexa...
SS Oriana (1959) - Wikipedia
HMS Spartan (S105)
HMS Spartan was a nuclear-powered fleet submarine of the Royal Navy's Swiftsure class. Spartan was launched on April 7, 1978 by Lady Lygo, wife of Admiral Sir Raymond Lygo. The boat was built by ...
HMS Spartan (S105) - Wikipedia
HMS Medway (F25)
HMS Medway was the first purpose-built submarine depot ship constructed for the Royal Navy. She was built by Vickers Armstrong at Barrow-in-Furness during the late 1920s. The ship served on the China ...
HMS Medway (F25) - Wikipedia
HMS P47 was a Royal Navy U-class submarine built by Vickers-Armstrong. She was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Navy before completion and renamed HNMS Dolfijn.
Dolfijn spent the time between ...
HMS P47 - Wikipedia
HMS C6 was a British C class submarine built by Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness. She was laid down on 24 November 1905 and was commissioned on 21 January 1907.C6 was sold on 20 November 1919.
RMS Nova Scotia (1926)
RMS Nova Scotia was a 6,796 GRT UK transatlantic ocean liner and Royal Mail Ship. In the Second World War she was requisitioned as a troop ship. In 1942 a German submarine sank her in the Indian ...
RMS Nova Scotia (1926) - Wikipedia
United Kingdom
Video telling about UK History. TENzineTV.
Action of 9 February 1945
The Action of 9 February 1945 refers to the sinking of the German U-boat U-864 in the North Sea off the Norwegian coast during the Second World War by the Royal Navy submarine HMS Venturer. This actio...
Action of 9 February 1945 - Wikipedia
HMS E21 was a British E class submarine built by Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness. She was laid down on 29 July 1915 and was commissioned on 1 October 1915.HMS E21 was sold on 14 December 1921.
Politics of United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is a unitary democracy governed within the framework of a constitutional monarchy, in which the Monarch is the head of state and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the head...
Politics of United Kingdom - Wikipedia
HMS D6 was a British D class submarine built by Vickers, Barrow. D6 was laid down on 24 February 1910, launched 24 October 1911 and was commissioned on 19 April 1912. D6 was the first of the D class t...
HMS Skate (1895)
HMS Skate was a Sturgeon-class destroyer which served with the Royal Navy. Built by Vickers, she was launched on 13 March 1895 and sold on 9 April 1907.
After her commission she served at the Med...
HMS Skate (1895) - Wikipedia
HMS Cumberland (57)
HMS Cumberland was a County class heavy cruiser of the Royal Navy that saw action during the Second World War.
Cumberland served on the China Station with the 5th Cruiser Squadron from 1928 until ...
HMS Cumberland (57) - Wikipedia