The Basques (Basque: euskaldunak; Spanish: vascos; French: basques) are an indigenous ethnic group who primarily inhabit an area traditionally known as the Basque Country (Basque: Eusk...
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Violin: Katica Illenyi (Illényi Katica) Maurice Ravel: Bolero Arrangement: Rezső Ott (Ott Rezső) Győr Philharmonic Orchestra Con...
BBC Travel - Inside Spain's secret food societies
Secure an invite to one of these private clubs, and you’ll see how San Sebastian’s proud yet somewhat reserved people open up around the common bond of good food and drink.
We eat our way through the best pintxo bars in San Sebastian with our friends & local foodies: blogger Marti Kilpatrick and Eli Susperregui of San Sebastian ...
Cave DNA Unravels Riddle Of The Basque People
Scientists show distinct population, with unique language, descended from local hunter gatherers who mixed with arriving farmers - rather than being an indigenous group who lived separately for mi...
A weekend in Bilbao
iGNANT was invited by the Guggenheim Museum to visit Bilbao, to take a closer look not only at two current exhibitions, Riotous Baroque and L’Art en Guerre, but to also experience the breathtaking mus...
What is Basque Cuisine
Nestled in the Northern Coast of Spain, the Basque Province is known to be one of the world’s richest culinary and gastronomic heritage. The richness of the cuisine has secrets that only the people of...
lau teilatu - Itoiz.
Tontxu y Antonio Vega - Para tocar el cielo Basico 1997.
Videoclip de Sorkun.
Najwa Nimri
Mikel Laboa
TO THINK ABOUT IT: Now I'll try to explain what this video means to me: THE FIRST PART of this video expresses with images something which took place in Spai...
Leire Martínez
Leire Martínez, la nueva vocalista de La Oreja de Van Gogh, interpreta 'jueves', uno de los temas del nuevo álbum.
Julián Gayarre
Scene from the film Romanza Final inspired partly to the spanish tenor's life, Julian Gayarre. Language: spanish. 1986.
History of the Basque people
The Basques (Basque: Euskaldunak) are an indigenous ethnic group mainly inhabiting Basque Country (adjacent areas of Spain and France). Their history is therefore interconnected with Spanish and F...
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Origin of the Basques
The origin of the Basques and the Basque language is a controversial topic that has given rise to numerous hypotheses. It is notable that the ancient language of the Basque people, the Basque language...
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Basque language
Basque (endonym: Euskara, [eus̺ˈkaɾa]) is a language isolate ancestral to the Basque people, who are indigenous to and mainly inhabit the Basque Country, a region spanning an area in northeastern Sp...
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Basque mythology
The mythology of the ancient Basques largely did not survive the arrival of Christianity in the Basque Country between the 4th and 12th century AD. Most of what is known about elements of this origin...
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Basque Country (historical territory)
The Basque Country (Basque: Euskal Herria) is the name given to the home of the Basque people in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the...
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Basque Country (autonomous community)
The Basque Country (/ˈbæsk ˈkʌntri/, /ˈbɑːsk ˈkʌntri/; Basque: Euskadi [eus̺kadi]; Spanish: País Vasco [paˈiz ˈβasko]; French: Pays Basque) is an autonomous community of northern Spain. It...
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Navarre (/nəˈvɑr/; Spanish: Navarra; Basque: Nafarroa), officially the Chartered Community of Navarre (Spanish: Comunidad Foral de Navarra [komuniˈðað foˈɾal de naˈβara]; Basque: Nafarroako Fo...
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Bilbao (/bɪlˈbaʊˌ -ˈbɑːoʊ/, [bilˈβao];Basque: Bilbo [bilβo]) is one of the 25 boroughs in the Greater Bilbao comarca, in northern Spain. It is also the capital of the province of Biscay in the aut...
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Basque nationalism
Basque nationalism is a form of nationalism that asserts that Basques are a nation and promotes the cultural unity of Basques. In recent years, Basque nationalism has been tightly tied with separatist...
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ETA ([eta], [ˈeta]), an acronym for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna ([eus̺kaði ta as̺katas̺una]; "Basque Homeland and Freedom") is an armed Basque nationalist and separatist organization. The group was founded ...
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Basque cuisine
Basque cuisine, the cuisine of the Basque people, includes meats and fish grilled over hot coals, marmitako and lamb stews, cod, Tolosa bean dishes, paprikas from Lekeitio, pintxos (Basque tapas), Idi...
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Basque music
Basque music refers to the music made in the Basque Country, reflecting traits related to that society/tradition, and devised by people from that territory. While traditionally more closely associated...
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Basque pelota
Basque pelota (pilota in the original Basque language also pelota vasca in Spanish, pelote basque in French) is the name for a variety of court sports played with a ball using one's hand, a racket, a ...
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Basque rural sports
Basque rural sports, known as Deportes Rurales in Spanish or Herri Kirolak in Basque, is the term used for a number of sports competitions rooted in the traditional lifestyles of the Basque people. Th...
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