Georges Dandoy
Georges Dandoy (5 February 1882, Hemptinne, Namur, Belgium – 11 June 1962, Kolkata, India) was a Belgian Jesuit priest, missionary in India, theologian and Indologist. He is included in the so-called ...
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Jean-Baptist De Coster
Jean-Baptist De Coster (1896–1968) was a Jesuit father in Belgium who helped find shelters and saved Jews from the genocide committed by the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.
Some refugees were hidden ...
St. John Berchmans Church (disambiguation)
St. John Berchmans Church or St. Jan Berchmans Church may refer to:
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Philippe Couplet
Philippe Couplet, also Philip Couplet or Philippus Couplet (1623 – 1693) (Chinese name:柏應理), was a Belgian Jesuit Father who was active in China in the 17th century. He was born in Mechelen, Spa...
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Peter Jan Beckx
Very Rev. Peter Jan Beckx, S.J. (also Pieter Jan Beckx, in French Pierre Jean Beckx; Zichem, 8 February 1795 – Rome, 4 March 1887) was a Belgian Jesuit, elected 22nd Superior-General of the Society of...
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John Berchmans
Saint John Berchmans (Dutch: Jan Berchmans) (13 March 1599 – 13 August 1621) was a Jesuit scholastic and is a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. He is the patron saint of altar servers.
John ...
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Charles De Smedt
Charles De Smedt (6 April 1833, Ghent, Belgium – 4 March 1911, Brussels) was a Belgian Jesuit priest and hagiographer. He was a Bollandist, and is noted for having introduced critical h...
Henry Robert Stephens
Henry Robert Stephens (5 August 1665 at Liège – 15 June 1723) was a Belgian Jesuit theologian.
He entered the Society of Jesus, 7 September 1683, and for over twenty years was attached to th...
Peter Joseph Arnoudt
Peter Joseph Arnoudt (or Aernoudt, Arnold) (born at Moere, Belgium, 17 May 1811; died at Cincinnati, 29 July 1865) was a Belgian Jesuit writer on devotional subjects.
He entered the Society of Jes...
Ignatius Carbonnelle
Ignatius Carbonnelle (1829 – 1889 was a Jesuit, mathematician and the founder of the Scientific Society of Brussels.
Robert Antoine
Robert Antoine (1914 in Belgium – 1981) was a Belgian Jesuit priest, missionary in India. Professor of Comparative Literature at the Jadavpur University, he was a Sanskritist and musician. He wa...
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Charles de Noyelle
Very Rev. Charles de Noyelle, S.J. (28 July 1615 - 12 December 1686) was a Belgian Jesuit priest, elected the 12th Superior General of the Society of Jesus.
After secondary studies at Mons and Ypr...
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Pierre Scheuer
Pierre Scheuer (9 November 1872, Schaerbeek – 6 February 1957, Louvain) was a Belgian Jesuit priest, metaphysician and mystic.
Scheuer made his first profession in the Society of Jesus in 1901. In...
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Hippolyte Delehaye
Hippolyte Delehaye (Antwerp 19 August 1859 – Brussels 1 April 1941) was a Belgian Jesuit who was a hagiographic scholar and an outstanding member of the Bollandists, who established critical editions ...
Brice Meuleman
Brice Meuleman, S.J., D.D. (1 March 1862, Ghent, Belgium – 15 July 1924, Marsailles, France), was a Jesuit priest, a missionary in British India, and the second Archbishop of Calcutta (now Kolkata).
Augustin de Backer
Augustin de Backer (18 July 1809, Antwerp, Belgium – 1 December 1873, Liège, Belgium) was a Belgian Jesuit and renowned bibliographer.
De Backer left his country to be educated at the Jesuit...
Pierre Fallon
Pierre Fallon (24 September 1912, Namur, Belgium - 20 September 1985, Calcutta, India) was a Belgian Jesuit priest, missionary in India, Professor of French literature at the University of Calcutta. I...
Philippe Alegambe
Philippe Alegambe (22 January 1592, Brussels, Belgium - 6 September 1652, Rome, Italy) was a Belgian Jesuit priest and bibliographer.
After completing High School studies in Brussels, Alegambe wen...
Roger Lenaers
Roger Charles Lenaers (born 4 January 1925 in Ostende) is a Jesuit pastor in the diocese of Innsbruck. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1942 and followed the regular courses at the Jesuit School of ...
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Jacques Bonfrère
Jacques Bonfrère (12 April 1573, Dinant, Belgium – 9 May 1642, Tournai, Belgium) was a Jesuit priest, Biblical scholar and leading commentator on the Old Testament.
Bonfrere entered the Society o...
Louis Lambillotte
Louis Lambillotte (born Lahamaide, (Hainaut, Belgium), 27 March 1796; died Paris, 27 February 1855) was a Belgian Jesuit, composer and palaeographer of Church music, associated with the restoration of...
Daniel Papebroch
Daniel Papebroch, S.J., (17 March 1628–28 June 1714) was a Flemish Jesuit hagiographer, one of the Bollandists. He was a leading revisionist figure, bringing historical criticism to bear on trad...
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Jean-Charles della Faille
Jean-Charles della Faille (or Jan-Karel della Faille), born in Antwerp (Belgium), 1 March 1597 and died in Barcelona (Spain), 4 November 1652, was a Flemish Jesuit priest from Brabant, and a mathemati...
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Francis Coster
Francis Coster (or Frans de Costere, Latin: Franciscus Costerus), born on 16 June 1532 (1531) at Mechlin (Duchy of Brabant) and died the 16 December 1619 at Brussels, was a Brabantian Jesuit, the...
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Everard Mercurian
Very Rev. Everard Mercurian, S.J. (1514 – 1 August 1580) was the fourth Superior General of the Society of Jesus.
Born 'Lardinois' into a humble family in Marcourt, near La Roche-en-Ardenne ...
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Antoine de Balinghem
Antoine de Balinghem (1571–1630) was a Belgian Jesuit.
Francis Allen (Jesuit)
Francis Allen (c. 1645 – 22 March 1712) was a Belgian Jesuit. He was admitted into the Society of Jesus on 9 October 1678, and died at Liege on 22 March 1712, at the age of 67.
Jean Bolland
Jean Bolland (Latin: Johannes Bollandus) (18 August 1596 – 12 September 1665) was a Jesuit priest and prominent Flemish hagiographer.Bolland's main achievement is the compilation of the firs...
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Albert d'Orville
Albert Dorville, (also known as Albert Le Comte d’Orville) (12 August 1621, Brussels, Belgium - 8 April 1662, Agra, India) was a Belgian Jesuit priest, missionary in China and cartographer.
The yo...
André Schott
André Schott (in Latin Andreas Schottus; 12 September 1552 – 23 January 1629) was a Jesuit priest of the Duchy of Brabant, academic, linguist, translator and editor.Born in Antwerp (in the Seven...