China's faking of economic data. NY City's risk for bankruptcy.
Vested Chief Economist Milton Ezrati on U.S. trade negotiations with China, former White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn's comments about U.S.-China trade talks, Minnesota resident's tax concer...
Venezuelans who fled Socialism speak up
The Latino Awakening. Latinos exiting the Liberal Left! #LEXIT
Saddam Hussein's Very Public Purge
Shortly after assuming the Presidency of Iraq in July 1979, Saddam Hussein convened a gathering of his Ba'ath Party leaders and publicly had 68 of them removed for alleged treason. Twenty-two of them...
Des gilets jaunes insultent violemment Finkielkraut pendant l'acte 14
Tas de merde, Barre-toi sale sioniste de merde : le philosophe Alain Finkielkraut a été l'objet de violentes insultes proférées par des gilets jaunes pendant la manifestation parisienne de samedi 17 f...
An route to the Hanoi Summit earlier...
An route to the Hanoi Summit earlier this evening in Vietnam....
BREAKING 🔴 President Trump AMAZING Arrival in Hanoi Vietnam for Summit
President Trump AMAZING Arrival in Vietnam President Donld Trump arrives Ahead of his summit, President Trump arrives at Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam. 🔴We Need Your Help to Stay on the Air: If ...
Real America with Jorge Ramos: Detained in Venezuela
#ATTENTION. Jorge Ramos shares what happened with the Univision team and him when they were detained after his interview with Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.
The Red Cross Has Built Exactly 6 Homes In Haiti With 500 Million Dollars In Donation
The Red Cross made a promise to Haiti to help provide homes following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the region. They promised they would build hundreds of thousands of homes for people who had b...
60 seconds to relive Pope Francis' Journey in the United Arab Emirates
The most touching and powerful moments of Pope Francis' Journey in the United Arab Emirates.
Nosy Be - Madagascar 2014 - The Island of Freedom...Andilana Beach, Nosy Iranja...
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Madagaskar 2018 - Nosy Iranja - Drone 4K
It was a Beautiful Holiday in a Paradise climate :-) The video was entirely made using DJI Mavic Pro drone and Samsung S6 phone on Nosy Iranja Island at Madagskar in September 2018. Watch it in 4K! ;...
El Chapo trial: Former Mexican president accused of being paid $100M bribe
Former cartel member Alex Cifuentes told the court in the El Chapo trial that former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto accepted a bribe from the drug kingpin himself. Peña Nieto denies the accusati...
Russia Routed Millions to Influence Clinton in Uranium Deal, Informant Tells Congress
A spokesman for Hillary Clinton said the allegations are a distraction from the probe into Russian collusion in the 2016 election.
Japan upholds law that requires transgender people to be sterilized before gender change
Activists have denounced a controversial ruling by Japan's Supreme Court to uphold a law that they argue violates LGBT human rights.
Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in Venezuela to protest socialism
Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in Venezuela to protest socialism that people like Alexandria Ocassio-Cortes desperately want's in America.
Massive brawl breaks out in Ugandan parliament over presidential age limit
Watch a massive fight between several MPs during a Ugandan parliamentary session over a proposed bill to remove the presidential age. Courtesy: RT LIVE
List of national founders
The following list of national founding fathers is a record, by country, of men who were credited with establishing their nation. National founders are typically those who played an influential role i...
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National emblem
A national emblem is an official emblem or seal reserved for use by a nation state as a symbol of that nation. Many nations have a seal or emblem in addition to a national flag and a national coat of ...
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A national sport or national pastime is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. Some sports are de facto (not established by law) national sports, as bas...
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This list contains musical instruments of symbolic or cultural importance within a nation, state, ethnicity, tribe or other group of people.In some cases, national instruments remain in wide use withi...
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Countries of the World
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The Origins Of Voodoo, The Misunderstood Religion
For many, the word ‘Voodoo’ conjures up images of magical dolls with pins stuck in them to inflict pain on one’s enemies and the resurrection of the dead as zombies. These images are the result of the...
Venezuelans who fled Socialism speak up
The Latino Awakening. Latinos exiting the Liberal Left! #LEXIT
Chan Chan – The Largest Mud-Brick City in the World
The Incan civilization is one of the most notable Pre-Columbian civilizations that existed in Peru. Prior to its rapid rise to power, however, there were other prominent civilizations, which today, ar