Bishop of Winchester
The Bishop of Winchester is the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Winchester in the Church of England. The bishop's cathedra is at Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire.The Bishop of Winchester is one of...
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Bishop of Ramsbury
The Bishop of Ramsbury is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Salisbury, in the Province of Canterbury, England. The title takes its name after the town o...
Samuel Wilberforce
Samuel Wilberforce, FRS (7 September 1805 – 19 July 1873) was an English bishop in the Church of England, third son of William Wilberforce. Known as "Soapy Sam", Wilberforce was one of the greatest p...
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Michael Scott-Joynt
Michael Charles Scott-Joynt (15 March 1943 – 27 September 2014) was an English bishop and a prelate of the Order of the Garter. He was appointed Bishop of Winchester, one of the five senior bishoprics...
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Helmstan was a medieval Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated between 838 and 839. He died between 844 and 852 or in 853
Aymer de Valence (bishop)
Aymer de Valence, also known as Aymer de Lusignan or Thelmar de Valence, (c. 1222 – Paris, 5 December 1260) was a Bishop of Winchester around 1250.
Valence was a half brother of Henry III of Engla...
Brownlow North
Brownlow North (1741–1820) was a bishop of the Church of England.
He was a half-brother to Frederick North, Lord North, both being sons of Francis North, 1st Earl of Guilford.He was educated at Et...
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Frank Woods (bishop of Winchester)
Frank Theodore Woods (15 January 1874 – 27 February 1932), who latterly signed his name as Theodore Winton:, was Bishop of Peterborough from 1916 to 1923 before being translated to the see of Winchest...
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Stigand (died 1072) was an English churchman in pre-Norman Conquest England who became Archbishop of Canterbury. His birth date is unknown, but by 1020 he was serving as a royal chaplain and advisor. ...
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Walter Curle
Walter Curle (or Curll; 1575 – 1647) was an English bishop, a close supporter of William Laud. Born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, he was educated at St Albans School and at Christ's College, Cambr...
Denewulf (died 908) was a medieval Bishop of Winchester from 878 or 879 until his death. Little is know of him, though by tradition he began life as a swineherd, and was promoted to bishop at an advan...
Beorhthelm of Winchester
Beorhthelm or Brihthelm was Bishop of Winchester c. 959 - c. 963.
Wolvesey Castle
Wolvesey Castle, also known as the "Old Bishop's Palace", is a ruined castle in Winchester, Hampshire, England. It is located next to Winchester Cathedral.
The castle was erected by the Bishop of ...
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William Edington
William Edington (died 6 or 7 October 1366) was an English bishop and administrator. He served as bishop of Winchester from 1346 until his death, Keeper of the wardrobe from 1341 to 1344, treasurer fr...
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Æthelwold II (bishop of Winchester)
Æthelwold was a medieval Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated between 1006 and 1007. He died between 1012 and 1013.
William of Wykeham
William of Wykeham (1320 or 1324 – 27 September 1404) was Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor of England. He founded New College Oxford and New College School in 1379, and founded Winchester Co...
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Henry of Blois
Henry of Blois (1098/9 – 8 August 1171), often known as Henry of Winchester, was Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey from 1126, and Bishop of Winchester from 1129 to his death. He was a younger...
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Henry Beaufort
Henry Beaufort (died 11 April 1447) was a medieval English clergyman, Bishop of Winchester, a member of the royal house of Plantagenet, and Cardinal.
The second of the four illegitimate children o...
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Tim Dakin
Timothy John "Tim" Dakin (born 6 February 1958) was the General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and the South American Missionary Society (SAMS). He is currently the Bishop of Winches...
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Hædde (or Hedda, Hedde, Haedda, Haeddi; died 705) was a medieval Bishop of Winchester.
Hædde was supposedly born in Headingley in West Yorkshire, and became a monk of Whitby Abbey. He became bisho...
Winchester Palace
Winchester Palace, Southwark in Surrey, was a twelfth-century palace which served as the London townhouse of the Bishops of Winchester. It was located on the south bank of the River Thames in the Lond...
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William de Raley
William de Raley (or William de Ralegh or William Raleigh; died 1250) was a medieval judge, administrator and bishop.
In 1212 Raley was presented with the church of Bratton Fleming, with his occup...
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John Sandale
John Sandale (or Sandall) was a Gascon medieval Lord High Treasurer, Lord Chancellor and Bishop of Winchester.Sandale inherited the manor of Wheatley within Long Sandale, Yorkshire and was granted Fre...
William Waynflete
William Waynflete (c. 1398 – 11 August 1486), born William Patten, was Provost of Eton (1442–1447), Bishop of Winchester (1447-1486) and Lord Chancellor of England (1456-1460). He is best remembered a...
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Ealhmund of Winchester
Ealhmund was a medieval Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated between 801 and 803. He died between 805 and 814.
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Herefrith was a medieval Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated before 825. He died in 836. However, he never appears on charters except with Wigthegn.