Bishop of Worcester
The Bishop of Worcester is the head of the Church of England Diocese of Worcester in the Province of Canterbury, England.The title can be traced back to the foundation of the diocese in the year 680. ...
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Philip Goodrich
Philip Harold Ernest Goodrich (2 November 1929 – 22 January 2001) was an Anglican bishop in the late 20th century. He was Bishop of Tonbridge from 1973 to 1982 and Bishop of Worcester from 1982 to 199...
Walter Maidstone
Walter Maidstone was a medieval Bishop of Worcester. He was nominated on 1 October 1313 and consecrated on 7 October 1313. He died on 28 March 1317.
Oswald of Worcester
Oswald of Worcester (died 29 February 992) was Archbishop of York from 972 to his death in 992. He was of Danish ancestry, but brought up by his uncle, Oda, who sent him to France to the abbey of Fleu...
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James Fleetwood
James Fleetwood (baptised 25 April 1603, Chalfont St Giles; died 17 July 1683, Hartlebury Castle) was an English clergyman and Bishop of Worcester.
He was descended from the old Lancashire family ...
Edward Stillingfleet
Edward Stillingfleet (17 April 1635 – 27 March 1699) was a British theologian and scholar. Considered an outstanding preacher as well as a strong polemical writer defending Anglicanism, Stillingfleet ...
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William of Northall
William of Northall (or William of Northolt) was a mediaeval Bishop of Worcester.
William was a clerk of Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury and of Richard of Dover, also Archbishop of Cante...
Simon of Worcester
Simon was a medieval Bishop of Worcester.
Simon was a chaplain and chancellor of Queen Adeliza, the second wife of King Henry I of England, before being elected to the see of Worcester about 29 Ma...
John Thornborough
John Thornborough (1551–1641) was an English bishop.
In a long ecclesiastical career, he was employed as a chaplain by the Earl of Pembroke, and Queen Elizabeth. He was Dean of York, Bishop of Lim...
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Beorhtheah also (Brihtheah) (died 20 December 1038) was a medieval Bishop of Worcester.Beorhtheah's family was a wealthy family from Worcester. He had previously been Abbot of Pershore, and was consec...
William Whittlesey
William Whittlesey (or Whittlesea) (died 5 June 1374) was a Bishop of Rochester, then Bishop of Worcester, then finally Archbishop of Canterbury. He also served as Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge.
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Mervyn Charles-Edwards
The Rt Rev (Lewis) Mervyn Charles-Edwards, DD was an Anglican Bishop in the third quarter of the 20th century. Born on 6 April 1902 he was educated at Shrewsbury and Keble College, Oxford. After t...
Henry de Sully
Henry de Sully (or Henry de Soilli) (d. 23 or 24 October 1195) was a medieval monk, Bishop of Worcester and Abbot of Glastonbury.
Henry became prior of Bermondsey Abbey in 1186. In September 1189,...
John Alcock (bishop)
John Alcock (c. 1430 – 1 October 1500) was an English churchman.
Alcock was born at Beverley in Yorkshire, son of Sir William Alcock, Burgess of Kingston upon Hull and educated at Cambridge. In 14...
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Werferth (Wærferth, Werfrith, or Waerfrith) was an English bishop of Worcester.Werferth was consecrated either in 872 or between 869 and 872. A contemporary and friend of Alfred the Great, he was a si...
William Gainsborough
William Gainsborough was a medieval Bishop of Worcester. He was nominated on 22 October 1302 and consecrated on 28 October 1302. He died on 17 September 1307.
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Reginald Brian
Reginald Brian was a medieval Bishop of St David's and Bishop of Worcester. He was the son of Guy Brian, Baron Brian, brother of Guy Brian the younger, and brother-in-law of Alice Brian, better known ...
Hugh Latimer
Hugh Latimer (c. 1487 – 16 October 1555) was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, and Bishop of Worcester before the Reformation, and later Church of England chaplain to King Edward VI. In 1555...
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John Hough (bishop)
John Hough (/hʌf/; 1651–1743) was an English bishop. He is best known for the confrontation over his election as President at Magdalen College, Oxford that took place at the end of the reign of James ...
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Robert Tideman of Winchcombe
Robert Tideman (often Robert Tideman of Winchcombe) was a medieval Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of Worcester.Tideman was consecrated Bishop of Llandaff on 13 October 1393 and translated to the see of...
Alured (or Alfred) was a medieval Bishop of Worcester.
Alured was a clerk of King Henry, probably Henry II of England. He was consecrated about 13 April 1158. He died on 31 July 1160.
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Wilfrith II (bishop of Worcester)
Wilfrith or Wilferth was a medieval Bishop of Worcester. He was consecrated between 915 and 922. He died in 928 or 929. The last charter he attested was dated 16 April 928.
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Walter Blandford
Walter Blandford (1616 in Melbury Abbas, Dorset, England – 1675) was an English academic and bishop.
A Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford at the time of the Parliamentary visitation of 1648, h...
Edwin Sandys (bishop)
Archbishop Edwin Sandys (1519–1588) was an English prelate.He was Anglican Bishop of Worcester (1559–1570), London (1570–1576) and Archbishop of York (1576–1588) during the reign of Elizabeth I of Eng...
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William de Blois (bishop of Worcester)
William de Blois was a medieval Bishop of Worcester.
William was a canon of the diocese of Lincoln and held the office of Archdeacon of Buckingham in that diocese by 10 May 1206. Presumably he was...
Denebeorht (or Deneberht) was a medieval Bishop of Worcester. He was consecrated perhaps in 800. He died in 822.
Henry Parry (Bishop of Worcester)
Henry Parry (1561–1616) was an English bishop.
He was born in Wiltshire, and came as scholar to Corpus Christi College, Oxford in 1576. He graduated M.A. there in 1586.He was a friend of both Lanc...
John of Thoresby
John of Thoresby (died 6 November 1373) was an English clergyman and politician, who was Bishop of St Davids, then Bishop of Worcester and finally Archbishop of York. He was Lord Chancellor of England...
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