Bowling refers to a series of sports or leisure activities in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a target. In pin bowling variations, the target is usually to knock over pins at the...
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Boccia (/ˈbÉ’tʃə/ BOCH-É™) is a precision ball sport, similar to bocce, and related to bowls and pétanque. The name "boccia" is derived from the Latin word for 'boss' â€“ bottia. The sport is contest...
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Bowls or lawn bowls is a sport in which the objective is to roll biased balls so that they stop close to a smaller ball called a "jack" or "kitty". It is played on a pitch which may be flat (for "fla...
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Strike (bowling)
A strike is a term used in bowling to indicate that all of the pins have been knocked down with the first ball of a frame. On a bowling score sheet, a strike is symbolized by an X.
When all ten pi...
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Perfect game (bowling)
A perfect game is the highest score possible in a game of bowling, achieved by rolling a strike during every frame. In bowling games that use 10 pins, such as ten-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, and d...
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Bowling at the 2009 Asian Youth Games
The Bowling competition in the 2009 Asian Youth Games was held in the Orchid Country Club in Singapore between 1 and 6 July 2009.
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Spare (bowling)
A spare is a term used in bowling to indicate that all of the pins have been knocked down after the second ball of a frame. The symbol for a spare is a forward slash mark (/).A "spare" is awarded when...
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Vulcan Corporation
Vulcan Corporation is a materials manufacturer that specializes in rubber, plastics, foam products, and bowling pins. Vulcan Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vulcan International Corporatio...
Bowling form
In the sport of ten-pin bowling there are many different ways in which to deliver (known as a "throw" or "roll") the bowling ball in order to advance it toward the pins in an accurate and powerful man...
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Jeu Provençal
Jeu Provençal ("The Provençal Game"; also known as boule lyonnaise) is a popular French form of boules.In Italy, the sport bocce volo, which is played with bronze balls, follows a similar set of rules...
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