British music
British music could refer to:
London 2012: The Closing Ceremony
Thousands of fans gathered in Olympic Stadium for the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 games
Stonehenge (video album)
Stonehenge -Ylvis This is from the Norwegian talkshow I Kveld med Ylvis. ---- Stonehenge - Ylvis --- My life is so successfull I've got everything a man coul...
Cornish music
Cornwall, England, UK, has been perceived by some as historically Celtic, though Celtic-derived musical traditions had been moribund for some time before being revived during a late-20th-century root...
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English music
English music may refer to:
Scottish music
Scotland is internationally known for its traditional music, which has remained vibrant throughout the 21st century, when many traditional forms worldwide lost popularity to pop music. In spite of emi...
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Welsh music
Wales has a strong and distinctive link with music. Singing is a significant part of Welsh national identity, and the country is traditionally referred to as "the land of song". This is a modern stere...
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