Archaeological sites in Iran
Some of the prehistoric archaeological sites of Iran are listed below:
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List of dams and reservoirs in Iran
Major dam construction started in Iran in the 1950s. Some fourteen large dams were built with the help of foreign engineers and advisors during two decades preceding the Islamic Revolution. In the pos...
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List of diplomatic missions in Iran
This is a list of diplomatic missions in Iran. There are 96 embassies in Tehran, and many countries maintain consulates in other Iranian cities (not including honorary consulates).
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Museums in Iran
This is a list of museums in Iran.
Gohardasht Prison
Gohardasht Prison (Persian: زندان گوهردشت‎) is a prison in Gohardasht, a town in the northern outskirt of Karaj, approximately 20 km west of Tehran.Sometimes spelled Gohar Dasht Prison, it ...
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Persian gardens
The tradition and style in the design of Persian Gardens, known as Iranian gardens in Iran (Persian باغ ایرانی Bāgh-e Irāni)or Bāgh-Sarai) has influenced the design of gardens from Andalusia to India ...
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Towhid Prison
Towhid Prison (in Persian: بازداشتگاه توحید) was an unofficial detention centre in Tehran, Iran, used against opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran until its closure in 2000. At its peak during th...
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