Utter Inn
Utter Inn (Swedish) or in English, Otter Inn, is an art project by Mikael Genberg that offers underwater accommodation to the public. The facility is entered through a small, typical-appearing Swedish...
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Lund Observatory
Lund Observatory is the official English name for the astronomy department at Lund University. As of January 2010 Lund Observatory is part of The department of astronomy and theoretical physics at L...
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Rosvalla Nyköping Eventcenter
17°2′26″E / 58.74917°N 17.04056°E / 58.74917; 17.04056Nyköpings Arenor, Rosvalla is a sports and exhibition centre purely owned by the municipality of Nyköping and managed by ...
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Makalös (meaning peerless or unrivalled in Swedish) was the colloquial name for the grand mansion, or palace, of the Swedish noble family De la Gardie. Situated at Norrström, south of Kungsträdgården ...
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Huvudskär Lighthouse
Huvudskär, is a Swedish archipelago and lighthouse. For many hundred years this area was very important for fishermen. Huvudskär is a very popular destination for sea travellers and tourists. Many of ...
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Stockholm Court House
The Stockholm Court House (Swedish: Stockholms Rådhus) is situated on Kungsholmen in Central Stockholm, Sweden. The building is connected to the Stockholm Police House through an underground pedes...
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Kolmården Wildlife Park
Kolmården Wildlife Park (Swedish: Kolmårdens djurpark) is Scandinavia's largest zoo which opened in 1965 overlooking Bråviken bay in Sweden. It includes the first dolphinarium in Scandinavia, which op...
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List of Olof Palme memorials
This is a list of memorials and places named in honor of Olof Palme, the assassinated Prime Minister of Sweden.
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Uppsala Castle
Uppsala Castle (Swedish: Uppsala Slott) is a 16th-century royal castle in the historical city of Uppsala, Sweden. Throughout much of its early history, the castle played a major role in the history of...
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Karolinska University Hospital
The Karolinska University Hospital (Swedish: Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset) is a university hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, with two major sites in the municipalities of Huddinge and Solna.The p...
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Castles in Sweden
This is a list of castles and palaces in Sweden.In the Swedish language the word slott is used for both castles, châteaus and palaces; this article lists all of them as well as fortresses.
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Studio Fredman
Studio Fredman is a recording studio in Göteborg, Sweden, owned and operated by producer Fredrik Nordström.It is popular among Swedish metal bands, with artists such as At the Gates, Deathstars, Night...
Riddarholmen Church
The Riddarholm Church (Swedish: Riddarholmskyrkan) is the burial church of the Swedish monarchs. It is located on the island of Riddarholmen, close to the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. The co...
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Malmö public library
12°59′39″E / 55.6005°N 12.9941°E / 55.6005; 12.9941Malmö City Library (Swedish: Malmö stadsbibliotek) is located in Malmö, Sweden and celebrated its 100 anniversary in Dec...
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