Pakubuwono V
Pakubuwono V (also transliterated Pakubuwana V) (13 December 1784 – 5 September 1823) was the fifth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta) . He reigned from 1820 to 1823.
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Pakubuwono IV
Pakubuwono IV (also transliterated Pakubuwana IV) (31 August 1768 – 1 October 1820) was the fourth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta) . He reigned from 1788 to 1820.
Hamengkubuwono I
Hamengkubuwono I, born Raden Mas Sujana (d. 1792), was the first sultan of Yogyakarta.Sujana, the Crown Prince, was known as Prince Mangkubumi prior to becoming sultan of Yogyakarta Sultanate. As a so...
Pakubuwono II
Pakubuwono II (also transliterated Pakubuwana II) (1711–1749) was the last ruler of Kartasura and the first Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta). His correct title in Javanese etiquette standards contains...
Amangkurat II of Mataram
Amangkurat II was the sultan of Mataram from 1677 to 1703.Amangkurat II became sultan in 1677 when his father Amangkurat I died in Tegal after being expelled from Plered, his capital by Raden Trunajay...
Hamengkubuwana VI
Hamengkubuwono VI (also spelled Hamengkubuwana VI, 1821 - 1877) was the sixth sultan of Yogyakarta, reigning from 1855 to 1877.
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Pakubuwono III
Pakubuwono III (also transliterated Pakubuwana III) (1732 – 1788) was the third Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta). Also known as Sinuhun Paliyan Negari He was proclaimed by the Dutch as ruler of Ma...
Hamengkubuwono (also spelt Hamengkubuwana and in Dutch transcription "Hamengkoeboewono") is the current ruling royal house of the Yogyakarta Sultanate in the Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia. Th...
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Pakubuwono XI
Pakubuwono XI (also transliterated Pakubuwana XI) was the eleventh Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta) during the Second World war - and during Japanese occupation of Java.
Miksic, John (general ed.),...
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Hamengkubuwono IX
Hamengkubuwono IX or HB IX (Javanese: ꦄꦩꦼꦁꦏꦸꦧꦸꦮꦤ꧇꧙꧇; Gêdrìk: Hamêngkubuwånå IX; O-Javanese: Hamengkubuwana IX; 12 April 1912–2 October 1988) was the first Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta,...
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Pakubuwono IX
Pakubuwono IX (also transliterated Pakubuwana IX) was the ninth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta). He was born in 1830, the second son of Pakubuwano VI, and reigned from 1861 until his death in 1893.
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Hamengkubuwana II
Hamengkubuwono II (also spelled Hamengkubuwana II; 1750–1828), was the second sultan of Yogyakarta 1792–1810, 1811–12 and finally 1826–28 during the Java War.
Hamengkubuwana VIII
Hamengkubuwono VIII (also spelled Hamengkubuwana VIII, March 3, 1880 - October 22, 1939) was the eighth sultan of Yogyakarta, reigning from February 8, 1921 to 1939.
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Hamengkubuwana IV
Hamengkubuwono IV, also spelled Hamengkubuwana IV (1804 – 1828) was the fourth sultan of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, reigning from April 3, 1814 - December 6, 1822, and then from August 17, 1826 - January...
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Lolo Soetoro
Lolo Soetoro, also known as Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo or Mangundikardjo (EYD: Lolo Sutoro) ([ˈlɒlɒ suːˈtɒrɒː]; January 2, 1935 − March 2, 1987), was the Indonesian stepfather of Barack Obama, the 44th ...
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Hamengkubuwana III
Hamengkubuwana III (also spelled Hamengkubuwono III, June 28, 1812 - November 3, 1814) was the third sultan of Yogyakarta, reigning from 1812 to 1814.His eldest son was Diponegoro, and his son and suc...
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Petrus Josephus Zoetmulder
Petrus Josephus Zoetmulder S.J. (January 29, 1906 – July 8, 1995) was a Dutch expert in the Old Javanese language. He came from Utrecht and was associated with the Society of Jesus by 1925. He ...
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Pakubuwono VIII
Pakubuwono VIII (also transliterated Pakubuwana VIII) (20 April 1789 – 28 December 1861) was the eighth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta) from 1858 to 1861. He was the elder brother of Pakubuwano V...
Pakubuwono XII
Pakubuwono XII (also transliterated Pakubuwana XII) (1944 – 11 June 2004) was the twelfth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta) and the longest ruling of all monarchs in Javanese history.Upon his death there...
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Pakubuwono VII
Pakubuwono VII (also transliterated Pakubuwana VII) (28 July 1796 – 10 May 1858) was the seventh Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta) from 1830 to 1858. He was a younger son of Pakubuwono IV.
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Pakubuwono X
Pakubuwono X (also transliterated Pakubuwana X, sometimes abbreviated 'PBX) (29 November 1866 – 20 February 1939) was the tenth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta). His reign corresponded with the po...
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Sultan Agung of Mataram
Sultan Agung of Mataram or Sultan Agung Anyokrokusumo or Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo (Ha and A are both written using the same character in Javanese script) was the third Sultan of Mataram in Central ...
Hamengkubuwana VII
Hamengkubuwono VII (also spelled Hamengkubuwana VII, 1839–1921) was the seventh sultan of Yogyakarta, reigning from December 22, 1877 to January 29, 1921.
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Hamengkubuwana V
Hamengkubuwono V (also spelled Hamengkubuwana V, 1820 - 1855 was the fifth sultan of Yogyakarta, reigning from December 19, 1823 - August 17, 1826, and then from January 17, 1828 - June 5, 1855 being ...
Pakubuwono VI
Pakubuwono VI (Surakarta, Central Java, 26 April 1807 – Ambon, Moluccas, 2 June 1849) (also transliterated Pakubuwana VI) was the sixth Susuhunan (ruler) of Surakarta from 1823 to 1830 when he w...