Mostransavto (bus company)
Unitary enterprise Mostransavto (Russian: Мострансавто) is a state-owned company for passenger bus transport in Moscow oblast with daily throughput of 2.3 million passengers. It operates 1224 diff...
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Moscow Central Bus Terminal
Moscow Central Bus Terminal is a bus terminal in Moscow for long-range and intercity passenger buses with daily overturn of about 25 thousand passengers serving about 40% of long-range bus routes in M...
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Ryazan Central Bus Terminal
Ryazan Central Bus Terminal is the bus terminal in Ryazan.It is operated by Mostransavto company. 39°40′37″E / 54.6387°N 39.6769°E / 54.6387; 39.6769
Mosgortrans (transit company)
Mosgortrans (Russian: Мосгортранс) is a state-owned company operating bus, trolleybus and tram networks in Moscow and Moscow region.
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