Umarov (Russian: Ума́ров, Kazakh: Омаров) is a Chechen surname. Notable people with the surname include:
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Yamadayev is a Chechen surname, most famously attributed to the Yamadayev brothers:
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Ilyas Akhmadov
Ilyas Khamzatovich Akhmadov (Chechen: Ilyas Xamzat Axmadkhant/Ильяс Хамзат АхмадКIант, Russian: Ильяс Хамзатович Ахмадов; born December 19, 1960) served as the foreign minister of the Chechen ...
Dudaev (Russian: Дуда́ев) is a Russianized Chechen (Chechen: Дудийн, Dudiyn) surname: