Professor Discovers First Draft of King James Bible
Professor Jeffrey Miller joins Lunch Break With Tanya Rivero and discusses his recent discovery of the first known draft of the King James Bible.
The Bible's Buried Secrets
Walt and Annie’s Adoption Restores Their Faith In God
When Walt was just a little boy, God showed him he would be a father someday and that he would have a little girl named Chloe.
How Lady Bible Hunters Made the Victorian Era's Most Stunning Scriptural Find
Scottish twins Agnes and Margaret Smith were the last people you’d expect to discover one of the earliest known copies of the gospels, but in a dusty closet...
Smithsonian Museum: Jefferson's handmade bible
Thomas Jefferson was a great fan of Jesus and called him “the greatest of all the Reformers," a font of "eloquence and fine imagination," and the author of "a system of the most sublime morality which...
Origins of 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Begin to Emerge
The truth may be finally emerging about the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife,” a highly controversial papyrus suggesting that some people, in ancient times, believed Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. New re...
Archaeologists Find The Gate To Goliath's Hometown
An archaeological dig now in its 20th year has uncovered the entrance gate to Gath, the ancient Biblical city of the Philistines and onetime home of the giant Goliath. Before the king of Damascus dest...
A Country Star's Bus Caught Fire. The 'One' Thing That Survived Gave Me Chills.
En route to Dallas heading to the American Country Music Awards, lead singer of the country music group Lady Antebellum is incredibly grateful to have walked away unharmed after her tour bus was engul...
Minister Creflo Dollar asks for $60 million in donations for a new jet
Creflo Dollar is hoping folks will see fit to bless him. The Atlanta-area minister is seeking donations for "our goal to purchase the G650 airplane."
Bible - Grand jury weighs whether there was a conspiracy to kill abortion doctor
The focus, according to those who have been interviewed, still appears to be on a Bible study group that Tiller's killer attended. At the same time, ...
History Channel's programme titled Who Wrote the Bible?
Bible - The Bible's Buried Secrets 1/13
Merneptah Stele(
Bible - Who Wrote the Bible? 1/12
History Channel's programme titled Who Wrote the Bible?
The Bible (from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, "the books") is a canonical collection of texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity. There is no single canonical Bible and various religious tradition...
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Christian biblical canons
A Christian biblical canon is the set of books that a Christian denomination regards as divinely inspired and thus constituting a Christian Bible. Although the Early Church primarily used the Septuagi...
A hagiography /ˌhæɡiˈɒɡrəfi/ is a biography of a saint or an ecclesiastical leader.Christian hagiographies focus on the lives, and notably the miracles of men and women canonized by the Roman Catholic...
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A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year.
Before the compilation of such books, several books were used when ce...
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