Christianity by country
As of the early 21st century, Christianity has approximately 2.2 billion adherents, out of about 7.2 billion people. The faith represents about one-third of the world's population and is the largest r...
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Christianity in Thailand
Christianity was first introduced to Thailand by European missionaries. It represents 1.2% of the national population, which is predominantly Buddhist. Christians are numerically and organizationally...
Christianity in Suriname
Religion in Suriname is characterized by a range of religious beliefs and practices due to its ethnic diversity. According to the most recent census (2012), 48.4 percent of the population is Christian...
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Christianity in Turkmenistan
Christians, most of whom are ethnic Russians, constitute less than 9% of the population in Turkmenistan. Orthodox Christianity in Turkmenistan is the main form of Christianity.
The Russian Orthodo...
Catholicism by country
The tables below represent statistics with regard to the Catholic Church by country.
Most of the figures are taken from the CIA Factbook.According to the CIA Factbook, the five countries with...
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Christianity in Burma
Christianity in Burma has a history dating to the early 18th century.
There is a significant Roman Catholic minority among the churches of Burma.
Christianity in Afghanistan
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan does not recognize any Afghan citizens as being Christians, nor are Afghan citizens legally permitted to convert to Christianity. Although there are no explicit law...
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Christendom has several meanings. In a cultural sense, it refers to the religion itself, or to the worldwide community of Christians, adherents of Christianity. In its historical sense, the term usual...
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Religion in Armenia
Up to 95% of Armenians follow Christianity. Armenia has its own church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, which most Armenians follow. It was founded in the 1st century AD, and in 301 AD became the first...
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