Louis Brière de l'Isle
Louis Alexandre Esprit Gaston Brière de l'Isle (24 June 1827 – 19 June 1897) was a French Army general who achieved distinction firstly as Governor of Senegal (1876–81), and then as general-in-chief o...
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Léon Émile Clément-Thomas
Léon Émile Clément-Thomas was Governor General for various colonies in the Second French Colonial Empire under Third Republic.
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Auguste Baudin
Auguste Laurent François Baudin (21 November 1800, Hoogstraten Belgium - 1 August 1877, Douai) was a French admiral and colonial administrator. His uncle François-André Baudin was also a naval officer...
Louis Faidherbe
Louis Léon César Faidherbe (3 June 1818 – 29 September 1889) was a French general and colonial administrator. He created the Senegalese Tirailleurs when he was governor of Senegal.
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Bernard Jauréguiberry
Jean Bernard Jauréguiberry (26 August 1815 - 21 October 1887) was a French admiral and statesman.
A native of Bayonne, Jauréguiberry entered the French Navy in 1831. He rose steadily through th...
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Julien-Désiré Schmaltz
Colonel Julien-Désiré Schmaltz or Julien Schmaltz (5 February 1771, Lorient-1826) was a French colonial administrator and governor of Senegal from 1816 to 1820.On 17 June 1816, Schmaltz departed for S...
Aristide Vallon
Counter Admiral Aristide Louis Antoine Vallon (July 26, 1826 — March 11, 1897) was born in Le Conquet. He became Commandeur of the Légion d'honneur on January 18, 1881 and was appointed Governor of Se...
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Joost van Vollenhoven
Joost van Vollenhoven (21 July 1877, Rotterdam – 20 July 1918, Parcy-et-Tigny, Aisne) was a Dutch-born French soldier and colonial administrator. Van Vollenhoven died in the Second Battle of the Marn...
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Émile Pinet-Laprade
Émile Pinet-Laprade (1822–1869) was a governor of Senegal.
Succeeding Bernard Jauréguiberry, Pinet-Laprade was governor of Senegal from May 13, 1863, until July 14, 1863. Louis Faidherbe then took...
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Gabriel Louis Angoulvant
Gabriel Louis Angoulvant (1872–1932) was a Governor General in the second French colonial empire. He was elected to the French parliament, representing the French territories in India, in 1920, and he...