Colonialism is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition, and expansion of colony in one territory by a political power from another territory. It is a set of unequal relationships bet...
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Mark Levin talks 'Rediscovering Americanism'
Author speaks out on 'Fox & Friends'
Is it "forbidden" to say the Giza people built these "Inca" buildings in Europe? Sardina, etc..
MYTH: The Fourth Dynasty reigned in Egypt, localised there. REALITY: The Fourth Dynasty is a modern historical representation for an ancient culture of WORLD...
Prof. Stephen Hawking WARNS That Humanity Only Has 1000 Years To ESCAPE Earth!
HUMANS only have 1,000 years left on Earth and will have to find another planet if we are to survive, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned.
Was Magellan The First Person To Circumnavigate The Globe?
The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan is often credited as being the first person to have circumnavigated the globe, but the reality of his journey is a bit more complicated.
The Fourth Of July, Brought To You By Belgium, Brazil And China
Why foreign direct investment is as American as apple pie. The Fourth of July is coming up. What could be more American than to pop a cold Budweiser, put a hot dog on the grill, slather it with Heinz ...
4th Of July: Nine Myths Debunked
Many stories of U.S. independence turn out to be more 4th of July fiction than fact—and "National Treasure" isn't the only culprit.
9 Things You May Not Know About The Declaration Of Independence
As people across the United States celebrate the nation’s birthday, explore nine surprising facts about the founding document adopted on July 4, 1776.
Amazing Things We’ve Learned From 800 Ancient Skull Surgeries
The practice of trepanation was surprisingly successful and was seen more often during the Inca heyday due to the weapons used in war.
What A Toilet Shows About Life During The American Revolution
The finds from an 18th-century Philadelphia privy have researchers flush with excitement. This punchbowl, found in a privy pit behind an illegal tavern, celebrates the vessel Tryphena. In 1765, the sh...
What Was The Royal African Company?
In 1619, some 20 Africans arrived at Jamestown, Virginia, where they were purchased from Dutch privateers to aid in the English colony’s luc...
The Secrets Of Machu Picchu’s Skeletons
Located 2,430 m above sea level, where the Peruvian Andes meet the Amazon Basin, Machu Picchu is located on a picturesque ridge, and holds mysteries of an ancient past. Approximately 200 stone terrace...
8 Things You May Not Know About The Gallipoli Campaign
On April 25, 1915, British-led troops poured onto the Ottoman Empire’s Gallipoli Peninsula in what was then the largest amphibious assault ever attempted. The plan, thought up once World War I’s Weste...
Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” Speech, 240 Years Ago
On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry sounded one of the most famous calls to arms in American history. During a meeting of the Second Virginia Convention at St. John’s Church in Richmond, the 38-year-old...
The Underground World of the Hagia Sophia
For over a thousand years until its fall to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, the city of Constantinople was one of the greatest urban centres in the Christian world. At the heart of this city was the Hagia
Vlad the Impaler the Inspiration Behind Count Dracula
Although vampires are often associated with Christianity (vampires are said to be repelled by holy objects such as crucifixes and holy water), the belief in these creatures, or beings with vampiric qu
History of colonialism
The historical phenomenon of colonisation is one that stretches around the globe and across time, including such disparate peoples as the Hittites, the Incas and the British. Modern state global colo...
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Colonies in antiquity
Colonies in antiquity were city-states founded from a mother-city (its "metropolis"), not from a territory-at-large. Bonds between a colony and its metropolis remained often close, and took specific f...
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Historical migration
Pre-historical migration of human populations began with the movement of Homo erectus out of Africa across Eurasia about a million years ago. Homo sapiens appears to have colonized all of Africa abou...
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Chronology of colonialism
This is a non-exhaustive chronology of colonialism-related events, which may reflect political events, cultural events, and important global events that have influenced colonization and decolonization...
Age of Discovery
The Age of Discovery is a period of European global exploration that started in the early 15th century with the first Portuguese discoveries in the Atlantic archipelagos and Africa, as well as the dis...
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Chartered company
A chartered company is an association formed by investors or shareholders for the purpose of trade, exploration, and colonization.
Companies enabled merchants to band together to undertake venture...
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Largest empire
An empire involves the extension of a state's sovereignty over external territories and variety of different ethnic groups. The term "empire" does not have a precise definition, but is generally appli...
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Portugal in the Age of Discovery
The kingdom of Portugal in the 15th century was one of the first European powers to begin building a colonial empire.The Portuguese Renaissance was a period of exploration, during which Portuguese sa...
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Spanish colonization of the Americas
Colonial expansion under the crown of Castile was initiated by the Spanish conquistadores and developed by the Monarchy of Spain through its administrators and missionaries. The motivations for coloni...
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European colonies in India
Colonial India is the part of the Indian subcontinent which was under the control of European colonial powers, through trade and conquest. The first European power to arrive in India was the Macedonia...
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Thirteen Colonies
The Thirteen Colonies were the British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America founded between 1607 (Virginia) and 1732 (Georgia).Individual colonies began collaborating at the Albany Congress...
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American Revolutionary War
The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), the American War of Independence, or simply the Revolutionary War in the United States, was the rebellion of thirteen of the North American colonies of Grea...
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Haitian Revolution
The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slavery there and the founding of the Republic of Haiti. The Haitia...
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Spanish American wars of independence
The Spanish American wars of independence were the numerous wars against Spanish rule in Spanish America that took place during the early 19th century, after the French invasion of Spain during Europe...
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