Mendaxi was a Greek cosmetics company specializing in skincare products, later acquired in 1976 by French cosmetics giant L’Oréal who discontinued the brand in favour of its own branded products in 19...
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Caledonian Steam Packet Company
The Caledonian Steam Packet Company provided a scheduled shipping service, carrying freight and passengers, on the west coast of Scotland. Formed in 1889 to complement the services of the Caledonian R...
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W. T. Grant
W. T. Grant or Grants was a United States-based chain of mass-merchandise stores founded by William Thomas Grant that operated from 1906 until 1976. The stores were generally of the variety store for...
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Ranger (automobile)
The Ranger was a General Motors car brand which lasted from 1968 to 1978. Used in three main markets, the original automobile was marketed as "South Africa's Own Car" and was built in Port Elizabeth, ...
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Beverwyck Brewery
Beverwyck Brewing Company was formed in 1878 and was located at 30/52 North Ferry Street, in Albany, New York. The brewery produced beer from 1878 until prohibition in 1920. During prohibition Bever...
Charles Hill & Sons
Charles Hill or Charlie Hill may refer to:
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The Ball-Bartoe Aircraft Corporation was a US aerodynamics research firm and aircraft manfuacturer established as a joint venture between Ball Corp and aerodynamicist Otto Bartoe in Boulder, Colorado ...
Aldershot & District Traction
0°45′29″W / 51.248°N 0.758°W / 51.248; -0.758Aldershot (/ˈɔːldərʃɒt/) is a town in the English county of Hampshire, located on heathland about 60 km (37 mi) southwes...
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Greek Line
The Greek Line formally known as the General Steam Navigation Company of Greece was a passenger ship line that operated from 1939 until 1975. The Greek Line was owned by the Ormos Shipping Company. Th...
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Elliston & Cavell
Elliston can refer to:
Nord Aviation
Nord-Aviation (English: Northern Aviation) was a state-owned French aircraft manufacturer. It was created on October 1, 1954 upon the acquisition of SFECMAS (Société française d'étude et de constr...
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Cavalier Aircraft
Cavalier Aircraft Corporation was a Sarasota, Florida, aircraft manufacturing, sales, and maintenance company whose most famous products were refurbished P-51D Mustangs known as "Cavalier Mustangs."
Arlan's was an American discount store chain.Arlan's was founded in 1945 by William, Herbert, and Lester Palestine in New Bedford, Massachusetts.In 1963, executives tried to start talks with King's of...
A/S Bynesruten was a bus company that operated in Trondheim, Norway. From 1924 to 1972, it operated a 30-kilometer bus route from Trondheim to Byneset and Spongdal.The company was founded in 1924 as a...
The Frank R. Jelleff Co., or more commonly Jelleff's was a Washington, D.C.-based retailer that specialized in women's apparel.
Jelleff's was founded March 1910, on F Street, N.W. in downtown Wash...
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Conway Stewart
Conway Stewart & Company Ltd was a British manufacturer of writing instruments, founded in 1905 by Frank Jarvis and Thomas Garner in London.
Jarvis and Garner had previously worked for the De ...
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