Iraq Stock Exchange
The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX), formally the Baghdad Stock Exchange, is a stock exchange in Baghdad, Iraq.The Iraq Stock Exchange was incorporated and began operations in June 2004. It operates under ...
Iraqi International Law Group
Iraqi International Law Group (IILG) was created in 2003 by Salem Chalabi and Marc Zell as "the first international law firm" based in Iraq. The firm received widely publicized criticism when it was r...
Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company
The Iraqi Telecommunication and Post Company (ITPC) is a government-owned and operated corporation responsible for providing telecommunication and mail services in Iraq.
Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company - Wikipedia
Babylon Bank
Babylon Bank (ISX: BBAY) is a commercial bank in Iraq. It was established in 1998.The bank has 12 branches in Baghdad, Mosul, Najaf, Karbala and Nasiriyah.
Baghdad Soft Drinks Co
Baghdad Soft Drinks Co (ISX: IBSD on the Iraq Stock Exchange) is a Soft drinks Bottling company in Iraq.It is the company that has the exclusive licence to sell Pepsi products in Iraq.PepsiCo Interna...
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Shield Group Security
Shield Groups Security (SGS) was an Iraqi company that provided protection for businesses and organizations. It was established in 2003 and switched its name to National Shield Security (NSS) sometime...
Iraqi Post
Iraqi Post is a government-owned corporation that handles postal services in Iraq. Iraqi Post belongs to the Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company.
Iraqi Airways
Iraqi Airways Company, operating as Iraqi Airways (Arabic: الخطوط الجوية العراقية‎ Al-Khuṭūṭ al-Jawwiyyah al-`Irāqiyyah; Sorani Kurdish: ھێڵە ئاسمانیەکانی عێراق), is the national carrier...
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List of companies of Iraq
This is a list of notable companies based in Iraq, grouped by their Industry Classification Benchmark sector.
General Company for Ports of Iraq
General Company for Ports of Iraq (GCPI) is a governmental company under the Ministry of Transport in the Republic of Iraq, founded in October 9, 1919. It is concerned with the management of Iraqi por...
General Company for Maritime Transport (Iraq)
Iraqi State Company for Maritime Transport is the Iraqi national maritime transportation company. It is one of the formation of the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation.The company was established in 1952...
Iraqi Oil Tankers Company
Iraqi Oil Tanker Company (IOTC) is the state owned Iraqi company specialized in the ocean transport of crude oil and refined products. It was established in 1972.
Iraqi Republic Railways
Iraqi Republic Railways Company (IRR) (Arabic: الشركة العامة لسكك الحديد العراقية‎) is the national railway operator in Iraq.
IRR comprises 1,905 kilometres (1,184 mi) of 4 ft...
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Bank of Baghdad
The Bank of Baghdad (ISX: BBOB) is one of the largest commercial banks in Iraq. It was established in 1992.Bank of Baghdad is a member of KIPCO group and enjoys international banking partnerships thro...
List of airlines of Iraq
This is a list of airlines currently operating in Iraq.
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List of banks in Iraq
This is a list of banks in Iraq.
Iraq National Oil Company
The Iraq National Oil Company (INOC) was founded in 1966 by the Iraqi government. It was empowered to operate all aspects of the oil industry in Iraq except for refining which was already being run by...