Quantum computing’s also-rans and their fatal flaws
When it comes to performance, engineering matters more than physics.
Quantum gold rush: the private funding pouring into quantum start-ups
A Nature analysis explores the investors betting on quantum technology. The science is immature and a multi-purpose quantum computer doesn’t yet exist. But that isn’t stopping investors pouring cash ...
IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Quantum Computing System
The Q System One is the first quantum system to consolidate thousands of components into a glass-enclosed, air-tight environment built specifically for business use. Subscribe to Fortune - http://ww...
IBM Unveils World's First Integrated Quantum Computing System for Commercial Use - Jan 8, 2019
IBM to Open Quantum Computation Center for Commercial Clients in Poughkeepsie, NY YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y., Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IBM (NYSE: IBM)...
Another step forward on universal quantum computer
Researchers have demonstrated holonomic quantum gates under zero-magnetic field at room temperature, which could enable the realization of fast and fault-tolerant universal quantum computers.
We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We’re At
Scientists are racing to build the world’s first universal quantum computer. Follow Focal Point for more like this!
Flip-flop qubits: a whole new quantum computing architecture
UNSW engineers have developed a completely new architecture for quantum computing, based on what they’re calling ‘flip-flop qubits’, that promise to make the eventual large-scale manufacture of quantu...
Was Antikythera Mechanism A 2,100-Year-Old Computer?
An ancient device thought to predict astronomical events may have been a computer built 21 centuries ago. Why did ancient Greeks build this machine?
Schrödinger’s cat just got even weirder (and even more confusing)
The researchers hope their findings will help make quantum computers a reality.
IBM opens first quantum computer cloud
This is a new kind of computer that works differently than normal computers and has to be kept in a special refrigerator at outer-space temperatures.
Fredkin Gate Breakthrough Overcomes Obstacle In Quantum Computing
Particles of light helped simplify the process of building the quantum computer circuit's Fredkin gates. The breakthrough overcomes one of the obstacles of quantum computing.
MIT scientists build world's first scalable quantum computer
Quantum computing now “much more an engineering effort, and not a basic physics question,” claims MIT professor Isaac Chuang,Hardware ,quantum computing
The Millionaire Machine
Cliff is back with an amazing device - The Millionaire Calculator
Performanţă românească: istoria computerului construit la Timişoara, cu care s-au proiectat barajul Vidraru şi cupola Romexpo | adevarul.ro
România a fost a şasea ţară din Europa care a construit un computer. În anul 1961, la Facultatea de Electronică din cadrul Universităţii Politehnica din Timişoara a fost pus în funcţiune computerul ME...
The abacus (plural abaci or abacuses), also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool that was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is still widely used b...
Abacus - Wikipedia
Binary numeral system
In mathematics and digital electronics, a binary number is a number expressed in the binary numeral system, or base-2 numeral system, which represents numeric values using two different symbols: typic...
The Suan Pan (simplified Chinese: 算盘; traditional Chinese: 算盤; pinyin: suànpán) is an abacus of Chinese origin first described in a 190 CE book of the Eastern Han Dynasty, namely Supplemen...
Suanpan - Wikipedia
Antikythera mechanism
The Antikythera mechanism (/ˌæntɨkɨˈθɪərə/ ANT-i-ki-THEER-ə or /ˌæntɨˈkɪθərə/ ANT-i-KITH-ə-rə) is an ancient analog computer designed to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and...
Antikythera mechanism - Wikipedia
An astrolabe (Greek: ἀστρολάβος astrolabos, "star-taker") is an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. Its many uses include locating and predicting...
Astrolabe - Wikipedia
Napier's rods
Napier's bones is a manually-operated calculating device created by John Napier of Merchiston for calculation of products and quotients of numbers. The method was based on Arab mathematics and the lat...
Napier's rods - Wikipedia
Slide rule
The slide rule, also known colloquially in the United States as a slipstick, is a mechanical analog computer. The slide rule is used primarily for multiplication and division, and also for functions s...
Slide rule - Wikipedia
Calculating machine
A mechanical calculator, or calculating machine, was a mechanical device used to perform automatically the basic operations of arithmetic. Most mechanical calculators were comparable in size to small ...
Calculating machine - Wikipedia
Pascal's calculator
Blaise Pascal along with Wilhelm Schickard was one of two inventors of the mechanical calculator in the early 17th century. Pascal designed the machine in 1642. He was spurred to it when participatin...
Pascal's calculator - Wikipedia
Stepped Reckoner
The Step Reckoner (or Stepped Reckoner) was a digital mechanical calculator invented by German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz around 1672 and completed in 1694. The name comes from the trans...
Stepped Reckoner - Wikipedia
Jacquard loom
The Jacquard loom is a mechanical loom, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard, first demonstrated in 1801, that simplifies the process of manufacturing textiles with such complex patterns as brocade, dama...
Jacquard loom - Wikipedia
Difference engine
A difference engine is an automatic mechanical calculator designed to tabulate polynomial functions. The name derives from the method of divided differences, a way to interpolate or tabulate functions...
Difference engine - Wikipedia
Analytical engine
The Analytical Engine was a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer designed by English mathematician Charles Babbage.It was first described in 1837 as the successor to Babbage's Difference engin...
Analytical engine - Wikipedia
Vacuum tube
In electronics, vacuum tube, electron tube (in North America), tube, or valve (in British English) is a device that controls electric current through a vacuum in a sealed container.Vacuum tubes mostly...
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