Conceptual art
Conceptual art, sometimes simply called Conceptualism, is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns. Many works of co...
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Lightweight 3D prefabricated concrete is signaling a revolution in architecture
Here's how a lightweight, prefabricated concrete slab is signaling a revolution in architecture.
Japan’s first digital art museum
Japan’s first digital art museum makes visitors a part of the installation.
Gustav Klimt Exposición inmersiva
La tecnología digital al servicio del arte. L'Atelier des Lumières, en Paris, abre sus puertas en abril del 2018, con una exposición inmersiva, de las obras de Gustav Klimt. A través del proceso AMIE...
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George R. R. Martin's Santa Fe Art Space Is An Odd Force
Read about Ben Davis's visit to the oddball art space funded by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin in Santa Fe.
Awesome Projection Art You Can Play Like Brick Breaker
Brooklyn-based Nihalani describes himself as an installation artist. He’s known for creating geometric illusions on city sidewalks and brick walls with colorful tape. For his latest latest series, Pro...
Latest Queen Elizabeth coin unveiled
Fifth coin of British monarch’s reign dating back to coronation in 1952 is first to be created entirely digitally and will replace 1998 version
Artist targeted in Copenhagen has faced constant attacks
Saturday's deadly shooting at a freedom of speech meeting featuring Swedish artist Lars Vilks follows several dangerous attempts to attack the embattled cartoonist.
Trail - an experiment with particle movement patterns
JavaScript controlled particles follow the mouse and generate an organic drawing. The HTML5 canvas element is used for visual output.
Silk – Interactive Generative Art
Create beautiful flowing art with Silk.
Digital art by Shane Gallagher
Shanegallagherdesign is a creative and dynamic graphic designer and illustrator from Townsville Queensland. Shane works in a wide range of styles from crisp business graphics to the dark and gothic. A...
Mircea Florian (musician)
A Germany-based Romanian musician who is now into experimental music - Mircea Florian - and a musical project involving gypsy musicians, a DJ and others - Sh...
Digital Art
My art. Created with Photoshop.
Interactive art
Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. Some interactive art installations achieve this by letting the observer or visitor "wa...
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Serial art
Serial art is an art movement in which uniform elements or objects were assembled in accordance with strict modular principles. The composition of serial art is a systematic process.One early example ...
Mel Chin
Mel Chin (born 1951 in Houston, Texas, USA) is a conceptual visual artist. Motivated largely by political, cultural, and social circumstances, Chin works in a variety of art media to calculate meaning...
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Eric Andersen (artist)
Eric Andersen Born in Antwerp 1940 is an artist associated with the Fluxus art movement. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In 1962 Andersen first took part in one of the early concerts given by Flu...
George R. R. Martin's Santa Fe Art Space Is An Odd Force
Read about Ben Davis's visit to the oddball art space funded by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin in Santa Fe.
NSCAD conceptual art
NSCAD conceptual art refers to a period beginning in 1969 when Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), a post-secondary art school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada became an important art centre...
John Armleder
John Armleder (born in Geneva in 1948) is a Swiss performance artist, painter, sculptor, critic, and curator. His work is based on his involvement with Fluxus in the 1960s and 1970s, when he created p...
Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert
Sean Fletcher (born May 13, 1970) and Isabel Reichert (born November 30, 1967) are collaborative conceptual and performance artists.
Caterina Davinio
Caterina Davinio (born Maria Caterina Invidia; November 25, 1957, Foggia) is an Italian poet, novelist and new media artist. Author of digital art,, video art. She was the creator of Italian N...
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Electronic music
Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production, an electronic musician being a musician who composes and/or performs such music...
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